Ramp test - current calculated FTP

Where is the setting to see or hide the current FTP calculation during the ramp test?

Using windows desktop app.


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Click the “Stats” on the right side of the screen, in the middle bar between the screen.

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Chad, I had the same question during yesterday’s ramp test that I did. I didn’t see anything to click to turn that on/off. Where are the stats you mention? Can you post a few screen shots showing the details of this feature? Thanks

My screen didn’t look like that. Is that after you hit the stats button?

There must have been another update within the last week because my screen was definitely not like this either. :thinking:

That pic is after hitting Stats, which stays in the same exact place before and after clicking it. It is simple a drop-down section at the middle of the screen.

  • It was all I had on my phone. New pics below (now that I’m at a PC).

Main screen:

  • Click [Stats] on the middle-right of the screen:

  • That opens the “Stats” info, where you get the Live FTP value, once you get into the actual “test” steps.

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Chad, the screen data on the photo doesn’t make sense to me. Can you explain it? I see live FTP (ETA) and the value is 6:31. Is that the time shown until the Live FTP is displayed?

Well, I had to grab a pic from a fake workout, with no devices paired.

What you see is the warmup, and the countdown to the time before the app will actually start showing the “live FTP” estimate.

Once the timer expires, you will see the FTP estimate, and it will grow with every second you continue to stay on power.

I don’t know specifics of how close the estimate is or if it takes any particular factors into play. Hopefully they will give more details on the future.

This will all make sense if you actually do the test. Its harder to capture with outside examples.


I take it this will display on PC or rather a computer? I use the Android app and didn’t see it running a dummy ramp session. Never noticed anything when I last did a ramp test a couple of weeks ago either. When I checked the app last was updated back in Jan. Suspecting this is why I haven’t seen it yet.

Currently on desktop only, not mobile.

It will be on mobile once they release the update they are building right now.

I should have read this carefully earlier. I did not click on the stats drop down so I didn’t get the Live FTP to display for my test this past Tuesday. I did have another big increase so I am happy but I wonder if I would have pushed a little harder with the live FTP or not. In all honesty I really went until full exhaustion though.

Is there a way to view this while in minimal view?

I haven’t checked, but the “Stats” should be available (from memory, it’s on the right side between the cadence/hr data and the current interval graph).

Open it (wherever you find it) and I suspect it will be on screen. If it’s not, that should be reported to TR.

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