Lamarck at 95%. Should I have gone higher?

Believing my ramp test result to be a bit optimistic (or my switch from a Neo1 to a Neo2 to have scuppered me…), for tonight’s SSBMV2 Lamarck workout I set the intensity to 95% from the get-go.

I managed the whole workout and while I found it uncomfortable it’s certainly not like I couldn’t have gone harder.

For reference, my maximum HR is somewhere in the 195-200 range, though it’s very unusual for me to see over 195, however hard I push myself.

Avg HR for each interval today was 160, 168, 170 & 174. Cadence for each interval was 100 +/- 2.

So did I go too sgentle? What percentage would you recommend I go with for this weekend’s workouts?

I obviously get a gentle week next week and can then re-test my FTP at the start of SPB.

I can only speak from my own experience, but I wouldn’t reduce intensity from the get go. I have rule that if I am not feeling it, then I will commit to 20 minutes and see how I feel. 99% of the time, I am just slow warming up. I also make sure to do first interval without changes. I then adjust from there if needed with the hope of increasing intensity if anything. I like to end with a few percent higher if I can for psychological reasons and teaching myself to have a negative split when possible. I don’t adjust endurance workout since the focus is a reduced percentage.

Assuming Leconte and Wright Peak-1 are next - I would follow my advice above and go from there. Both can be fairly tough for some, so don’t feel bad it you do need to back one or both down some. The main this try to go as long as you can before adjusting Leconte since it is a threshold workout, but make sure you can finish it too! I doubt you will need to adjust Wright Peak-1 since it is SweetSpot.


Possibly 95% was a little low - I’m assuming you finished the last couple of sets with a HR near 183, which is close to max, although maybe room to push 1% or 2% more. Last time I did this one I ended up with a HR or max - 10 or 11 on the last 2 sets, max - 20+ on the first one though.

Remember it’s 10 minute sets at a level you’re meant to be able to hold for 40-70 minutes, so it shouldn’t be mega difficult!

Although not the hardest workout in SSB2, Lamarck is kind of a capstone workout since it is right at threshold.

I don’t think you missed out on any significant training benefit by dialing it back to 95%, but you may have missed out on some psychological gains. When you nail a workout at 100% FTP, it just feels good and primes you for the next phase.

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