Finished Lamarck

Hi, I finished Lamarck today. Brutal. But I kept my focus, fed off the suffering, dug deep.

Now I think my ftp is set too low. Any views of what it should be by looking at my result here?

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Nice one. If you’re able to go 7% over on the final interval then I’d adjust up by 5% and see how you go.

I did it this morning and made it through although it was a struggle. I’ll probably nudge mine up by a little bit

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Yeah makes sense. My average of those 4 intervals was 322. Maybe I’ll bump it from 310 to 325 and see how I get on… urgh it’s gonna be painful!!!

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Or do a 25(ish) min Ramp Test?

End of SSB2? Why not wait through your recovery week and test? 5% is a big jump based on one interval of one workout. Have your other workouts gone well? Consistently adding to multiple intervals?


Yes, he was - just checked and he did Spencer -2 and smashed that as well (IF 0.96 instead of 0.92, the same as for Lamarck).

Mathematically, if you’re doing 0.92 IF workouts at 0.96, your real FTP is probably around 104% of where it’s currently set (96 / 0.92 = 104.3). Give Leconte a go at that, it should be a proper challenge.

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Finished Leconte at 4% intensity bump. Still feel like I could have gone a bit harder.

Ftp is currently set at 310, hopefully get a good bump to 330 next ftp test


I did almost an exact copy of your workout when I did Lamarck last week. It’s a little bit odd that a workout thats recommended as an FTP measuring tool is the penultimate session in a plan. However, I gladly accepted the 10w FTP increase. I’ve got a ramp test in a couple of days so I guess we’ll see if the results agree

I just need to psych myself up for the ftp test.

I’ll do a nice long ride on Sunday, will prob be a bit of a smash fest. Have couple of days rest, then go balls deep into the FTP test…

You may just be stronger at sweet spot and threshold work. When you get VO2 max and aerobic workouts, you may find them more of a struggle. Thats how it is for me, so I try not to react too strongly to one workout.