Increasing Workout Intensity Percentage and Estimating FTP

I’ve been using TR for a couple of months now and before that, I’d been training with another plan on TP for a few months. (Started cycling back in July/ August)

I’ve been noticing that the SweetSpot Intervals were getting easier, so I figured that I would increase the difficulty, with the percentage selector thing. I did Antelope this morning (5x10 minute Sweet Spot Intervals). The first interval I did at 100% and then bumped it up to 105% for the next 2 Intervals, which made it a little more challenging, but not too bad, so I increased the intensity up to 110% for the last 2 intervals. At 110%, the last two were very tough, but I finished them.

(I know the short answer is to do a ramp test)

I’m a few weeks away from another scheduled ramp test, and won’t have time to do one before my next few workouts, so would it be a safe assumption to temporarily bump my FTP by ~8-10% for the next few workouts, until I can test?


Sub a threshold workout for Lamark, see if you can hit what you THINK your ftp is for all 4 intervals. Use it for training.

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I’ve found I under perform on the Ramp Test by about 3% based on how subsequent workouts felt in the way that you have. So for the two SSB blocks I ended up bumping my FTP by 2-3% about halfway through the plan.

Looking at the graphic of your workout it looks like your HR is fairly steady for the first two intervals but the next two show a rise towards the end and the final interval it’s just ramping up and up. That suggests that you are working harder and harder to get the same output, as you say, you found them tough. The 105% intervals don’t look too bad so I’d bump by 5% and as @jacemano says, do Lamark and follow the instructions near the end to work out your FTP. When I did it, the value from Lamark was 2W higher than my guestimate so pretty close, in fact within the error range of the power meter.

(incase folks like me are searching for this workout to do)

Sorry, I’m really not a typo-nerd but I searched and searched for that workout and couldn’t find it, then Google-searched it and noticed the correct spelling.


One other thing to remember is that Antelope in any of it’s forms isn’t very challenging for SS - the intervals are to short. It is a good session but it shouldn’t be to tough even with the 2 hour version. Remember you are using a long term plan not just trying to make every session really tough. If Wright Peak/Tallac+4 is easy then you know your FTP needs a bump up.

Thanks for all of the help, folks! I guess I just need to make time to do a ramp test! That will tell the tale.

Well, I made time this morning for a ramp test and my FTP increased from 220 to 243. That will shed a whole new light on my upcoming workouts! :flushed::confounded: