Kona Special Interview – John Borton – Ask a Cycling Coach 227

John Borton is coming to Kona for the first time, but he has done his research and is ready to race. He plans to use his insights in aerodynamics, nutrition, and course knowledge to be as fast as ever. Tune in to hear exactly how John has prepared for IRONMAN World Championships.

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Episode Notes:


John’s go-to sweet spot workout (custom) 10 minutes @ 85%, 4 minutes rest. Nate mentioned it was similar to Antelope. Nate’s favorite 2 hour sweet spot progression:

  • Antelope +5
  • Tallac +3 and +4 are 2 hour versions
  • Galena +3 and +4 are 2 hour versions
  • Wright Peak

Sounds like these were the arm rests he uses, I have a set and really recommend.

Really enjoying these interviews. It’s good to hear “ordinary” people doing extraordinary things!!
Best of luck with the race John.

Really enjoying these interviews. Gives me a good benchmark where I stand and what it takes to get there. Hope to join you at the Kona start line in the next few years.


@Nate_Pearson oatmeal with chopped up medjool dates, walnuts and raw honey + cinnamon


Oh that’s a good idea! That could be an excellent pre-training breakfast.


I wish you asked how well they sleep the night before. I don’t sleep the night before my local Gran Fondo so I can only imagine the lousy sleep the athletes in this event get.


My favourite interview so far. Thanks for sharing John.


John did a 9:42:00! (78/168 AG)

Swim: 1:06:38 (121st AG)
T1: 4:21
Bike: 5:16:06 (127th AG)
T2: 6:16
Run: 3:08:41 (13th AG)

Incredible job John, and impressive pacing, especially for a Kona rookie!


Thanks Jonathan! I have to say that course has to be the most brutal thing I’ve ever done! From the heat, humidity, the crazy crosswinds on the bike, and the course generally just being hard!

It was a fantastic learning experience for me and I have been well and truly humbled by the course and standard of the competition that lines up here. Kona is a different animal to any other Ironman I’ve ever done and when I eventually line up again, I know more about to expect as well as how I need to prepare differently to perform here!

Next time, I’ll be here to race and not just to take part :smirk:


@Mark767 I generally have a mixed nights sleep the night before - normally waking up to very 90mins or so - although for this race I slept okay the night before. Although I still only got 5hrs but that’s pretty typical for me the night before a big event

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Also - if anyone wants to ask me anything more about what we talked about in the interview or anything else that wasn’t covered - Tag me in a post on here and I’ll answer questions that come in! :+1:t3:


Congrats on your accomplishment! The TR crew didn’t ask questions about your go-to swim workouts. Are there specific sets that you measured your fitness with? 10x100m on a certain interval for example?


Thanks for replying and congrats on your time!

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