Kona Special Interview – John Borton – Ask a Cycling Coach 227

Great performance there @johnborton1

Been listening to these podcasts on mass on a flight so I hope I ask the right question to the right person😁

I think that you mentioned that you ran 3 times a week and had slowed your long run down a little. Can I ask to what pace and from what pace, and what distances where you hitting?

Many thanks.

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Really impressive year all round!

I was wondering about the weekly running structure as well.

Did you alternate the 3 runs you explained and then the 3 TR workouts from SSB plan day to day, or did you do two hard workouts on one day and alternate an easier day?


It’s insane that a 9:42 on a hot, windy, hard Kona course is “only” MOP! Great job John

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@johnborton1 your compression sleeves on the bike, are they just normal ones or did you find that a specific brand are faster?

Fantastic job!! Congrats

What’s insane is people doing low volume and running 3 times a week and being around 9 hrs IM time.
Us mortals have no chance.


Congrats on a great race John! What did you end up averaging on the bike?

I really enjoyed that interview. I felt that @johnborton1 had everything dialled in.

Not sure that marathon shoes that only last ~120 miles are value but I read a good NYT article which analyzed a lot of Strava data and decided that they did save about 4%.

Haha! The main reason for that is that I’ve struggled to get much swimming in this year. I’ve only managed 30swims including racing prior to Kona. I’ve focused my effort on Bike-run.

My go to swim set is 20x100m off 2mins-1min50secs. Typically with a 200-300m WU and CD. I’ve also found that 40x50m off 55secs as quite effective.

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Thanks @philip_king… Yep - 3 runs per week is my routine. Typically split as intervals, tempo and long.

For the long run, this can be anything over 10miles for me but typically 13miles+. I tend to run with someone and we keep ourselves in check by making sure we talk the whole way around the run. So HR is typically at 140-150bpm and pace can vary depending on fatigue but normally in the 6.55-7.20min/mile range. As a bench mark I used to do these at sub 6.40pace and HR would have been 155bpm + which is in my tempo zone.

My other runs are normally no more than 10k and sit in the 5-10k range.

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@EagleAllan Great question! So my structure really depends on my work week. If I’m working away for a few days ina week I have to figure out how I can fit in workouts where I can. If I am in London and therefore home I will sometimes double up workouts but not consistently.

I have done a 3min VO2 max TR workout and then head straight to running intervals where I’m having to run 5min/mile for 2-3min. That was a brutal day and definitely needed the rest day afterwards - and I was travelling and couldn’t fit a workout in it worked out.

As a general rule I don’t double up, but needs must sometimes. Also have to listen to my body… with work and family commitments, I can’t be a zombie half the week so making sure I take enough rest is important!

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@Nate - apologies, only just got round to listening to this one!

Cook your oatmeal with an egg in :wink:

Do you have any pictures of your bike and your setup?

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