Kona Special Interview – Norman Banick – Ask a Cycling Coach 226

Norman Banick is a Kona veteran and a previous Ironman winner. This year he is using his experience with consistent training, nutrition, and equipment to be faster than ever. Tune in to learn from Norman’s experience as he prepares for IRONMAN World Championships.

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Love these podcast :blush:
Great inspiring and motivational interviews :slight_smile:

Did my first IM this summer and I hope to meet you guys in Kona one day!

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Glad you liked it. If someone has any questions feel free to ask.
As promised the video of the finishline:


Norman thanks for sharing your wisdom with the TR community. In the past Nate has asked some pointed questions about swimming. Here’s an example - In order to complete the swim leg in 1 hour what kind of times and rest interval do you swim a 10x100m set? Thanks.

@norman I listened yesterday and thanks for sharing your story! To my eyes that finish line looked like an emphatic “YES, Victory!” even if it wasn’t the move you had in mind. Great job and congrats!

My standard swim interval session in the early season was indeed 10-15x100m. Usually doing it in <1:25 and continue on 2:00.
Sometimes I slightly mix it up and make it more like 1:33 with 10s rest (which feels like a completly different workout to me).
Last few weeks I transistioned to something more like 3-4x800 in 1:35min/100m. That’s all in a 50m pool with incredibly shitty flip turns :smiley:

That set me up for a 26:50min in my last 70.3 wetsuit swim few weeks ago

@bbarrera thanks. That’s very kind :slight_smile:


Thanks @norman. Good luck & viel Erfolg für das Rennen #nutellapower

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Good luck @norman

Hi! Thanks for the great interview.
You got my attention when you said you wear road shoes instead of tri shoes for the same reasons I do.
My question is how you handle them in transition. Do you leave them on the pedals and slip in or put them on and run to the mount line in the cycling shoes?

Norman did a 9:11:09 (16/168 AG) and looked relaxed coming down Hualalai!

Swim: 59:43 (60th AG)
T1: 3:25
Bike: 4:49:17 (26th AG)
T2: 3:37
Run: 3:15:09 (30th AG)

Norman had a silent confidence about him, and now I see why, hehe. Even your transitions were crazy fast @norman! Well done.


I always put them on before mounting the bike and run with shoes through the transistion. It looks like you are total rookie but well…
Also I don’t really mind running short bits with bike shoes since my cyclocross days ages ago.

Haha, that was mostly relief that it’s finally over. Suffered big time the whole day.
Enjoyed to see you on the course!


Congratulations Norman, that’s a very impressive performance.

Well done mate

I really thought it would be a few days or weeks before you replied! Thanks for the details!
Congratulations on a great day!

He is a BEAST.

Hi @norman, great job at Kona! I was interested in your drink mix, do you have a basic recipe you follow? Thanks!

Hi @norman, congratulations! Very impressive result!
I use the same nutrition as you. Did you hear from it in the videos of triathlon-szene.de?

You mentioned that you have used the Trainerroad mid volume plans. Did you follow the plans only in cycling or in running, too?
Did you follow a specific plan in swimming?

Hello @norman, I would be interested in the basic recipe as well. Congratulations on a great performance in Kona!