Kona Special Interview – Nate Zarlengo – Ask a Cycling Coach 228

Nate Zarlengo is coming into Kona already having overcome a big obstacle. After so many hard hours training and preparing, hitting a car on his bike days before the race is the last thing he expected. Regardless, he is not going to let it slow him down. Tune in to hear Nate’s experience and his feelings going into IRONMAN World Championships.

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Episode Notes:


Nate did a 10:33:16 (135/205 AG), and looked happy and motivated on the bike course out by the airport!

Swim: 1:14:05 (175th AG)
T1: 6:11
Bike: 5:17:26 (144th AG)
T2: 6:09
Run: 3:49:27 (137th AG)

Nate was extremely shaken from being hit by a car 2 days ago, and I am thoroughly impressed at his ability to overcome the mental, emotional and physical challenges he was facing from that. He said his “why” was to prove to his boys that “you can do hard things”, and he sure proved that. Way to go, Nate!


Massive congrats Nate, especially after such a tough build up. I listened to your podcast in the car yesterday and it was nice to hear some different styles/answers/ ways of dealing with training. I was rooting for you after your crash and wishing you along!

Not sure if it has been said anywhere else but with all this Ironman chat on the podcast and these interviews I’m pretty tempted to join in for the journey and start building up!

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Going 10:33 in Kona with tough wind conditions is impressive. Doing it after hitting a car and sliding across the pavement? Dayum…

Congrats, Nate!

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Good stuff. I Swim the same as this guy and he gives me hope that I can get to Kona. Well done bro.

Well done, Nate! Tremendous mental toughness :muscle:

Really well done!

I struggled to comprehend Nate’s composure on the podcast talking about the car crash. I’d have been spitting bullets, fuming and frothing at the mouth. Seems he skipped the anger phase and went straight to acceptance - very zen :wink:

I hope the legal / insurance side of things goes smoothly and Nate gets a healthy payout for a beautiful new TT bike + wheels (+ helmet, + shoes, + skinsuit).

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Great stuff.:muscle:

well done, and extra kudos for dusting yourself off after the car incident.

Your kids will be inspired for sure!

Well done Nate I listened to your podcast in the car on the way home today and like other posters above I was totally impressed by your calmness after getting wiped out of the day before. Brilliant result!! :+1::+1::muscle::muscle:

Congrats Nate! Very inspirational to see you persevere through that crash. Awesomeness :muscle:

Great job Nate! Way to persevere. Is the car crash video available?

We go to Kona every year in January and the cycling is not that fun. I get that Kona has a big history with Ironman, but the Queen K is no joy to ride on. The shoulder is wide, but the cars and trucks are all going by at 50+mph. I started driving out to Hapuna Beach and riding to Hawi and back as there is much less traffic. Alii Drive is pretty good for running, but cycling is a bit of a nightmare too as Nate and Rinny and I’m sure many others have proved.

Nate posted a race report video!