Kona Special #1 – Tony Weeks – Ask a Cycling Coach 178

We’re recording a series of Kona qualifier interviews this week with age groupers who all come from different circumstances, and our goal is to learn as much as we can from their training and qualifying process to find nuggets of useful information for all of you.

The first podcast in this series is with Tony Weeks. Tony is a father of two, professional firefighter and age group triathlete who has qualified for Kona and looks to apply all he learned from his first World Championship bid in 2015. Listen in to learn what Tony plans to do this time to get a top 20 finish at IRONMAN World Championships.

This one covers some very interesting topics, so drop your comments and questions below!


Great pics!


Where can we watch a live stream of the race?

@Sidjournell Live race coverage of the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship will be available in the United States on NBC Sports platforms and on ironman.com and globally via IRONMAN NOW on Facebook Watch – www.facebookwatch.com/IRONMANnow.


Holy detail. He is a machine.


This was a really interesting interview, I really liked it. Tony was really knowledgeable and a great speaker. I hope we get post-race info from him as a follow-up.


Great podcast. Very interesting story. I’d be curious to know how Tony leverages the TR platform. It sounds like he completes many rides outdoors (since he knows how to A frame on ice).

Best of luck TW.

This podcast almost made me want to try to do triathlons…almost.


Yep! We’re planning on it :slight_smile:


Setting sports and training aside, for non-native English speakers, like me, this is a perfect confrontation of American vs British accent.

Enjoy Kona!


Really enjoyed the podcast and Tony’s meticulous attention to detail. Reminded me very much of Matt Dixon (Purple Patch coach) (accent, speech, detail etc.)

Best wishes for raceday, Tony. Thanks for giving up your time so close to D Day. :+1:

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Just started listening to this but was surprised to hear those measurable are pretty attainable for dedicated age groupers. One thing that would also be a good question for the athletes besides their w/kg, is what their target w/kg is for a race like kona. It would be cool to hear how close to their ftp they are holding for the fiveish hours on the bike after an hour swim and before a crazy hot marathon.

Nice podcast & a good listen… made all the more interesting as I raced Wales the year he qualified…

Would have liked to have heard more about the qualifying race as it’s one of the toughest Ironman races about… he didn’t sell it well saying there was oil on the track(tbf there was) but Wales offers so much more and would have been good to showcase this.

Also, i don’t think I have ever heard such a well spoken fireman.

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Excellent podcast, from someone interested in the same things all round I was paying close attention. Great to get insights regarding work and training balance

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I’m totally not an Ironman / Triathlon athlete (I’m more MTB/Road) and initially when listening through the podcasts ignored all the Kona ones. However I’ve found the Kona to be some of my favourites, it’s like you guys step it up a notch for your own Podcast world champs!
Tony was an excellent guest, looking forward to what you have planned for the rest of the week.


Great interview, very interesting! Best of luck Tony for the Race.
Not sure if I missed it but Interested to know what Tony’s Average TSS and training hours are leading up to Kona?

Only semi related to the episode, but thought this might be a good place to ask. I heard @Jonathan mention he flew with compression socks. What brands are good and/or what should I look for when purchasing some socks?


I always wear them when traveling. Just feels better afterward :slight_smile: .

I have a pair of Swiftwick compression socks that go up to my knee.

Any other suggestions? I’m not well-verses in the world of compression sock options.


I’ve used these and found good results when traveling:

(reminds me that I need to find out where mine went…)


Great podcast guest. Really enjoyable.

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