Kona Special Interview – Scott Byram – Ask a Cycling Coach 225

Scott Byram is coming to Kona for the first time, with a clear plan for his race. From punctures, to marginal gains and where to find the best pizza, he has it all figured out. Now, time to make it happen. Tune in to hear all Scott’s insights as he prepares for IRONMAN World Championships.

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Dynaplpug Air for Road tubeless?

Hey @Jonathan and team - loving these interviews so thank you for them! So incredibly informative. One thing I’d love for you to ask Kona athletes in future interviews, if you’re up for it, is whether they follow the triathlon base/build/specialty plans, whether they do low/mid/high volume, and whether they do the swim/run workouts Chad prescribed or something else. Just an idea - but I reckon many would enjoy the answer!


Great interview

Great interview, thanks Scott for doing this and the team for delivering the goods as always!

Does anyone have more info on the benefit of sleeved trisuits? When I heard 8-12 watts I immediately reconsidered keeping my sleeveless suit :joy:

No link for Infinit?
Oh you probably want this link



I think his was a manufacturer’s claim, which is usually a bit suspect. That said, there does seem to be varying advantages and each brand suit will be different on each rider. Just like training, nutrition, helmets, bikes and other things, there is no one is best. Testing is the best if you can afford it…

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@sbyram, I’m in the Naperville area as well and am looking at joining a tri-club, can you recommend one?

Definitely. EndureIt! Reach out to head coach/owners Sara fix or Erik Walter.

Scott did a 10:08:37! (108/283 AG)

Swim: 1:09:11 (164th AG)
T1: 6:34
Bike: 4:59:13 (39th AG)
T2: 5:44
Run: 3:47:57 (123rd AG)

That bike split was super impressive! 22.58mph pace on a gusty day.


Thanks @Jonathan. It was a tough day overall. Water was a bit rough. The wind was crazy! I swear we had a headwind both ways on the Queen K not to mention the insane crosswind gusts. The run was hot and HUMID as expected. Overall I was happy with the performance and I’m glad to be done. If it’s OK with coach Chad I think I’ll take a couple weeks off TR!:wink:


I used Infinit for my first century and needed no other nutrition. Just kept the powder on me in snack bags and refilled bottles at water stations.

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