KOM Training, Increasing Training Volume, Morning Training and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 292

Sorry for the delay on today’s episode, everybody! We covered tons of info in this one, including a look back at last year’s New Year’s Resolutions, my “big” announcement that is likely to leave you all very let down (sorry! :joy: ), training for KOMs, adding volume, mobility and more.

Hope you enjoy it!

YouTube Video:

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Jonathan’s new XC race bike
  • What Jonathan learned testing multiple XC bikes back to back
  • The host’s New Year’s Resolutions
  • How to train for Grinduro
  • How to train to take a KOM
  • Should you eat carbs during short workouts?
  • What races don’t affect your training?
  • How does Alcohol affect cycling performance?
  • How to add extra volume to your training
  • How to get used to morning workouts
  • Best mobility exercises for cyclists

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@Jonathan your “big” announcement was such a let down that you should give everyone who guessed at what it was a TrainerRoad hat :rofl:. I was hoping for dynamic training plans but swag is a suitable replacement.


@Jonathan got a view on Fox 34SC vs the new Sid?

I’m not Jonathan and I haven’t ridden the new Sid, but…

as an owner of the Fox34SC I can attest that it is absolute garbage and you should avoid it. It’s good for all of about 10 hours after you do a service and then it degrades very quickly in performance.

Easily my least favorite fork I’ve ever owned.

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I’m late to listening due to kids and life, is Jonathan riding a Santa Cruz by chance?

I guess they aren’t sponsoring Sofia’s new team?

Not SC… Spesh Epic :open_mouth:


Well, I was hoping my second guess about the announcement was the right one, but I guess I’ll take my first guess being correct. I thought when Yeti got rid of the SB100 that new XC bike might be in the cards, although I had no idea what it would be. I was hoping to hear about a TR sponsored XC team though!


Woah, that’s a different ride to a Yeti. Need to listen!


Just wondering: how do you guys pick which questions you’re going to answer?

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What an anticlimax! To be honest I almost fell asleep during the introduction. Am I right that the “big announcement” that both Jonathan “and Nate” have been wanting to share for a long time is simply Jonathan is no longer sponsored by Yeti (didn’t even know he was) and that he has bought a bike by another brand?:sleeping: :joy::rofl:

If so, this needs to become a meme.

Jonathan has a big announcement…he ate toast for breakfast.

Jonathan has a big announcement…he bought a new mop to clean his kitchen floor.


I wonder what adjective will be used when they announce what some of us thought they were going to announce! :grin:


They suggested using carbs even on shorter workouts, which I’m going to try, but is there any reason not to take carbs during ramp test/20 minute test etc.?

Due to it being so short, there’s no need to take anything in. Just make sure you’re topped off before taking the test.

The science behind green vs freckled bananas… the science says freckles win!


To be fair, the pending announcement was teased as an @leejonathan_ announcement and now it all makes perfect sense. For me, the initial discussion was highly entertaining and I ended up learning a lot about mountain bikes. It is refreshing to have content and commentary by persons who are not sponsored or monetizing their social media other than the obvious TR corporate tie in.

But for those of us outside of the bike industry, the pro deals seem pretty sweet.

Now we just get to speculate on why Coach Chad is moving again. The intrigue continues…


This is not Thing 1.


At the risk of ruffling some feathers, this “announcement” was bound to lead to confusion and disappointment. Specifically, I was expecting a TR announcement because I had not caught the fine distinction about the teased announcement being for Jon.

Considering the ongoing hints and teases dropped about “Thing 1”… by Nate, Chad (specifically via Jon’s relayed message last week), and countless other mentions on the cast and here in the forum, people had a reasonable expectation (myself included) that this would be something for us.

We’ve seen some heated discussion (mostly in the Masters threads, but elsewhere too) about the teasing and overall delay in getting whatever we are likely to see as the next official TR release, that I think there was an oversight here because people are waiting, and waiting.

It’s the double-edged sword where giving some hints and ideas on direction are enticing and wanted by users. But it also leads to an expectation, especially when “soon” keeps getting mentioned in relation to the whole process.

I just recommend some further consideration and more attentive handling with respect to the current environment, and the interaction between TR and users. Please keep this in mind and be overly clear when teasing out whatever is to come. Thanks for your time.


Any blog post to have the Best mobility exercises for cyclists that was illustrated on the podcast?


Curious if you have any similar advice or strategies for races like the Gran Fondo National Series… Basically the same format as Grinduro but all road, most of the timed sections are climbs but I would think staying with a fast group would still be a good strategy. Any additional thoughts on how to train for these events?

A slightly different observation: when you showed the New Year resolution clips from a year ago, I realise how much I’ve come to like the Zoom format where we get to see the faces of all 4 presenters at once. Even if you could all be present in the same studio, I think I’d still prefer the zoom style (even accepting that I know it causes some lag / inadvertent interruptions).

…and this ^