Hot Takes! Weight, CdA, FKTs and More - Ask a Cycling Coach 391

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Hannah’s Whole Enchilada FKT: The Whole Enchilada Trail: Hannah Otto’s FKT Ride - YouTube

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  • FKTs without a film crew are just KOMs
  • Hannah’s Whole Enchilada FKT
  • Stop spending money on your bike and just train more
  • There’s nothing wrong with attacking in the feed zone
  • If you stop at a gas station during an endurance ride, do you destroy all the benefits?
  • Socks go under your leg warmers
  • Fatter can be faster
  • Training on the rollers is more effective than a static trainer
  • Everyone would be a better athlete if they went to therapy
  • We need a better metric for measuring fitness than w/kg or FTP
  • There’s nothing wrong with wearing your bibs 6-8 times before washing them. Fine for me.
  • Gravel tires with big lugs make no sense unless you’re riding very muddy roads
  • Commuting in jeans to work on my ebike does not make me less of a person
  • 1 hour in the weight room is worth more than 2 hours in base/Z1/Z2 riding.
  • VO2 max workouts are better without a power meter.
  • Aero bars don’t belong on bikes with knobby tires
  • A good result in a crit is 90% luck.
  • Body weight exercises are an acceptable substitution for traditional weight training.
  • Watts per CdA is more important for most riders than w/kg
  • Oversized pulley wheels are a waste of money
  • Pidcock podiums the /23 TdF
  • MTBrs are sad they aren’t the cool kids anymore. That’s why they low key hate on gravel
  • Black mold in your bottle is where all the flavor is at

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So glad to see we get some FKT discussion with Hannah!!! :smiley:


Great Thanksgiving show. I dropped in late right when the question about wearing bibs 6-8 times before washing was being answered. Eeeewww.

@Jonathan I can’t believe how wrong (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) you are about socks and leg warmers.

Would you pull your leg warmers up over your bibs?

Also, tights are way better (or ride the trainer😂)

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Loved the episode, had me laughing out loud on several occasions. I agree with @mcneese.chad, the FKT discussion was amazing (tire pressures, tires, tire inserts, …). I noticed in the video Hannah was using a Fox 34 fork rather than a Fox 32, but I still was super amazed who well she navigated the terrain.

You made a joke about putting your socks over your jeans. I do this on literally every commute to avoid grease on my jeans. I tried other methods such as elastic bands with velcro, but they all failed after a while. My socks have never failed me! :wink:

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I think the gas station IS the benefit.


I loved Hannah’s “unwritten rules” hot take, and Jon nailed it on the complaining aspect as well.

Cycling racing has had them seemingly since inception. But “the spirit of gravel” and its attempt to live on both side of being racing that’s not really racing (seriously, were not that serious) makes the unwritten aspect even more laughable and annoying.


Around 57 minutes in, Jonathan asks Garmin to build the possibility of ‘just being able to write something that can be shown on your device’ (feature request) complaining that Keegan sticks pieces of paper to his stem.

Was he really trying to advertise my Garmin CIQ-datafield that is just one week old?

To all of you: consider it public beta and provide me with your wishes and I will try to optimize for you!


This is one of the funniest episodes ever. Can we have this line up each week please?


Bunch of hippies… Complaining about unwritten rules except lotsa unwritten rules of clothing :rofl:

Very cleaver trick of hand sanitizer shammy wash :see_no_evil: :disguised_face:

@Jonathan , it’s a common misconception but you still shouldn’t put biodegradable soap in a water source. Dump it in the soil well away from the water (preferably in a hole like you would with the washing up water from cook dishes).


I‘ve actually seen it being done recently. :grinning:

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In my experience this depends greatly on the size of the water source and sensitivity of the surrounding area. Always check with the ranger or relevant public land stewards in the area you will be visiting.

For example, in Idaho it is much more common to disperse wastewater on land whereas most desert rivers I’ve been on request everything go into a large flowing river.

Good point. East coast here, so good soil for filtration.

Isopropyl alcohol spray is better. I’ve used this for repeated chamois wearings - eg when bringing my bike on camping road trips. No saddle sores.


What was the website / Instagram account that was mentioned for bodyweight strength training ? Couldn’t quite make out what they said.

Great Show

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I think is was dialed health.


Counter hot take: Unwritten rules contribute to road racing being interesting. The complexity and intrigue of road tactics stem from the need to make and break alliances across teams and riders throughout a race, and this needs relationships to form. Road racing is a microcosm of life, and as with life relationships aren’t just defined by legislation. Time trialing is about written rules and athleticism. Road racing is about unwritten rules and cunning! :grin:


I just listened, and you’re correct.

Also, I LOVED @Jonathan ’s take on encouraging body weight strength. So many people talk about it in a way that sounds like “if you don’t go to the gym (or buy your own equipment) and do super heavy deadlifts and squats then you’re not getting any benefit”, so I think a lot of people just skip it.


Ditto, I plan to re-listen this morning but I was encouraged by this as well. I added in 2 sessions of body weight strength training last season and was happy with the results. I did end up adding a hip pack with weights (as well as using hand weights for some movements) to kick up the loading without needing lots of equipment. That along with single leg exercises maximized loading on each leg with minimal gear.

That and the upper body work I did help me be ready for BMX racing and Trials riding again, as well as all my other cycling events this last year. I know that may fall short for some riders, but I think it is something that is beneficial and shouldn’t be ignored by those that can’t get or don’t want to step into the heavier side of lifting.