Jumbo Visma Nutrition at the Tour

Pretty interesting apptoach to nutrition by Jumbo Visma, I think.

Is it just me, or does this sound like a great fit for TrainerRoad too? Nutrition is a big topic for the crew, and clearly TR has the skills and data to develop something similar…

I‘m already dreaming of the day Coach Chad voices over the dramatic reveal of „Adaptative Eating“ :joy:


Not available in the US :cry:

Pretty interesting how AI is changing so many things.

Watching yesterday’s race with Pog cracking and Vingegaard finishing strong I was thinking about the sheer amount of calories they are burning and how even the best sometimes get it “wrong”. How they have trained their bodies to be able to work with such a calorie deficit is crazy.

I’d love an app like this (like @Pbase I couldn’t find it and then saw it wasn’t available in the US). Taking the guesswork out of this stuff only helps to make those gains in other areas.

You can try https://eatmyride.com/
It’s not perfect but gives you some kind of tracking and rough guide. And works good enough in free version.

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The Jumbo app will need all the necessary data to create accurate predictions. Like * Riders’ role (sprinter, climber, etc.). I think WvA will test the app to its limit.