Feature Request: Training/Racing Diary (Notes) View

I’ve already sent this to support but I thought in the meantime I could bring it up here and see if this is actually something people are interested in or if it’s just me.

It seems like a training/racing diary view would be nice to have as a way to see notes at a high level with the associated workout next to it. Am I crazy in thinking this would be useful or is it not really something people care about?

Something like this:


You can add notes underneath your workouts already:

When you look up the workout in the workout list or click on it in the calendar you will able to see what you wrote.
In the workout list, it will show up when you click on ‘my rides’:

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Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Use the existing notes to create a view that puts the focus on the notes rather than the chart and metrics of the ride. So basically reverse what you screenshotted. Big notes, little thumbnail/metrics.


I would like this as well!

Been using notes for a few things to describe how I felt during both indoor and outdoor rides but in order to view them, you have to click on every single ride file and scroll down. It would be great if you could just hover over the workout in calendar and view what’s been written. Maybe a scroll symbol as well to tell you that a note has been written as well. Would save a lot of time

This is not a perfect solution, but here is my current work-around for viewing ride notes:

  1. Open your Career section from the TR website.
  2. View the Past Rides section under that Career heading.
  3. Scroll down the screen and load additional workouts as desired.
  4. You will see any workouts, rides & races with Notes right on screen,
    • The Notes text is shown directly under the workout info.
    • Note, this condenses all the text and eliminates paragraph breaks.
  5. You can open and load any specific ones to see the Notes in the exact paragraph spacing.

Main “Past Rides” Scrolling View:

Full Ride View:


That will be handy, thank you @mcneese.chad !

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Also, since you mentioned the Calendar in your original post, here is a related feature request and official comment from TR that indicates we might see some improvements in the future.

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Awesome, I did do a search but I didn’t word it like the title. Cheers mate

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