FTP Ramp Test Logic - Over Achiever Penalty

This is great advice related to the ramp test…

One aspect seems strange. Say that last ramp is 370W. You nail it for a full minute and then bail. Your FTP will be set at 370*0.75=278W FTP.

However, if you know this is the last ramp you can do and find a little more in your legs and push that final “sprint” at 385W… You’d think you’d get 385*0.75=289W FTP. However, TR actually drops your FTP below 278. You get dinged maybe 12-15W for pushing harder on that last minute.

Just curious what the logic is behind that weird penalty? Thanks!

That shouldn’t happen. The ramp test should take the average power of your last minute. So say you did 30s of 300watt and the ramp before was 280. Your highest one minuut power would be 290.


Your calculated FTP is based on either max 1 min power or max 5 min power - whichever gives you the lower result. I don’t remember what the factor for the 5 min power but it’s easy enough to calculate if you’re so inclined

The logic is that if you sprinted in the last minute, the resulting FTP would be too high. It’s a clever feature.


Ok THAT makes sense now. It doesn’t drop you below the prescribed power, just a little off your excessive power for that ramp if you overdid it. THANKS