Is this a bad idea?

This week I have, Kaiser +2, Dicks -1, Mount Goode +3 planned. It was meant to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have to travel but not until mid week. Would it be a bad idea to do these Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday?

I was thinking the first two might be ok, but it might be better to swap in a Whorl or Collins type workout on Wednesday.

That’s a tough set of workouts. Do you think you could nail the two of them back to back?

If so I’d say do that, then see how you feel on the third day you may be recovered enough to do some of the work or change options.

Other option is to do a minus version of the workout. Think they were 75minutes find the hour version and try that.

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These are tough ones. Unless you feel you can do well I think you will probably benefit more from dropping one ride, and execute the others really well eg Monday and Wednesday.

Whorl or Collins can fill a bit of ride time, but unless you’re really fresh I wouldn’t do it and better focus on 100% effort in the others


I thought I would come back with the result. The answer as the above said was probably, yes, a bad idea,

I gave it a crack and had to adjust the power on Tuesday and Wednesday sessions. More on day two.

Tuesday - 95% at the end of the interval 3. Last two 90%

Wednesday - Last 4 minutes of interval three was 95%. Cadence would have dropped to a climbing pace.

image image image

As an aside I was wondering about this. At present I do three sessions a week with low volume. The third session is an outside ride on a Saturday. I was wondering about doing all three indoors and then just cycling outside on the Saturday.

Looks pretty good to me. Compliance was 100% on M/W and actually decent on Tuesday.

I think overall it was a success.

It didn’t feel like Part of me would like to do it again with proper rest, but I will be moving on to plan builder next.