Two Days In A Row?

My training plan is T-Th-Sa. This week I did T but couldn’t do Th so I did Thursday’s workout today, Friday. I am doing my first mountain bike ride in 6 weeks due to a fractured rib on Sunday otherwise I would move Saturday’s workout to Sunday. Can I keep my workout ride tomorrow since I trained today? Is it bad to do 2 days in a row?

I assume you are talking about intensity rides?

I started over again with my plan and I am 3 weeks into Base 1. I had trained since November but my injury interrupted things so I decided to use plan builder and start over again 3 weeks ago. Did Carson today and Eclipse is on the docket for tomorrow.

I would go for it as it’s only sweetspot work. That being said if you generally feel fatigued or not up to the task during the first 20 minutes, ditch the workout and perhaps do some easy spinning instead.


I was a dummy when I first started and scheduled my LV plan on TWTh so that I would have a recovery day before and after my weekend rides. I was able to do it up to a point. Eventually I cracked and spread it back out. It will likely be fine in a pinch. I wouldn’t worry about it.


Stacking the workouts is pretty normal and usually gives you fitness boost: here is the article about this progressive overload. The other matter is what type of workouts are they.


I just finished the workout. It was pretty tough I would imagine for a few reasons. First, coming off the injury. Second, I did an hour yesterday. I almost quit after a little over an hour but I hung in there and finished. I did though have to do a few periodic breaks of a minute or two during the workout in order to not burn out. Hope I have enough rest for my 3 hour mountain bike ride tomorrow.

You should be fine. Adrenaline will get you through. Your concern shouldn’t be the training but the rib - worst case you get tired and you either slow down or totally chill out Monday.

FWIW, I’m doing mid volume work, which 5 days per week that I schedule M-F so I can play on Saturday / Sunday. It’s worked out well mostly except when I decide to have a few too many drinks.

All in all - there’s no answer except listen to your body and use your experience as only you know you training history.

Have a great ride tomorrow!

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No. But it depends where you are on your development journey. Putting days together is a concept used when more advanced to break through a plateau, kind of like block training.
It won’t hurt (if you can hit the numbers) but if early in structured endurance training more often than not I’d recommend sticking to spacing of workouts / standard approaches without utilising more advanced methods until you need to and have maxed out more std approaches.

Age is a factor. Masters athletes will pay (in a bad way). Might take a week or two, but the extra load will catch up to someone 45 yrs old and up. Younger athletes will be fine

I disagree, Master athletes with years of training ‘might’ need to block the stimulus together to improve. Easy - Hard - Easy - Hard becomes no mans land, never enough rest and never enough stimulus.

Blocking the training 2 - 3 days in a row and having a good period of 2 days (even plus) recovery can work really well when one just isn’t enough for some masters athletes. Our brain works in weeks our bodies might not. 2 - 3 days training, 2 days recovery might be optimal, but hard to fit in to every day life schedules.

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Nevertheless, age is a consideration.

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This is very true.

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