Is skipping Speciality a good or bad idea?

I don’t race, so I have no specific dates that I’m working towards. I just want to be as strong as possible for myself and the odd group ride. I’ve been thinking about skipping Speciality in favor of SSB --> Build --> SSB --> etc. While I realize that I am potentially missing out on putting the sharpest edge possible on my fitness for a period of time, what I think I would be gaining is more time in FTP building territory, so over the space of a year or so would more likely have a higher FTP. I’ve seen similar questions to this pop up and lack of workout variation/boredom are often cited as potential downsides to this approach, but I actually really like the long sweet spot rides and feel like I could quite happily do them over a long time period.

Do others agree with this approach, or are there factors I’m not considering here?

I don’t have goal events in 2019 for a variety of reasons, and this is basically my plan. I’ll do SSB -> Sustained Power or General Build, which are suited to what I like to do. If something pops up, I’ll have enough fitness to go out and compete, but otherwise I’ll focus on raising FTP in general. I think it’s viable so long as you don’t get too bored with it. I plan to get outside on the weekends to avoid that.

@julianoliver If you like sweet spot and threshold, check out the Century Specialty Plan. I think you would gain more fitness doing that then dropping back to base. It is similar to SSB with a little extra threshold. I am currently doing that plan and I am still growing my FTP and pushing the pedals harder.

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Newly back on the bike at the start of this year after far too long multi year hiatus. I did SSB, SPB, XCM Speciality. Now leading up to my race of choice next year I am doing, SSB, GPB, SSB, SPB, XCM Speciality. (All on high volume unless my body gives in) There was post somewhere on the TR Blog about doing Base Build Base Build if you have more time. I think the Speciality plans taper too much if your building over a long period.