Skip Build for Specialty?

Moving through SSB1 and 2 MV and will be done in about two weeks, I was looking to finish at the pace I was on with the remaining 8 weeks of build, but then noticed that the Rolling Road Race plan may be more beneficial to me. I don’t know what I’d really miss in General Build if I moved right into specialty, since the weekly TSS is lower for the specialty plan than for general build MV, I did it last year but the LV variety with some Z2 sprinkled in on Wednesdays and Sundays.

I guess I have a few options

  1. General Build MV
  2. Specialty
  3. 1/2 and 1/2, doing the initial 4 weeks from each to total 8.
  4. ?

The General plan just seems to focus on the same stuff as Base, whereas the Rolling Road Race and Criterium focus more on V02 and higher power intervals. This will be my first year racing so not sure what to expect, I am hoping to do Road Race but may do a Crit or two, I am still not sure just how dangerous it is, having only done the local tuesday night unofficial crit type ride a dozen times or so. I do get some of my best numbers there as far as power, and its fun, but I usually end up in a breakaway with 3-4 other guys, so there’s not enough tight racing action to know how crazy a Crit may be. What do you guys think?

“but then noticed that the Rolling Road Race plan may be more beneficial to me” how did you come to this conclusion? You will get your biggest fitness bump throughout build and as they’ve mentioned on the podcast, can race throughout build if your events call for it. Personally wouldn’t be skipping build and would be following the plans as intended. If anything you’d get away skipping speciality and ensuring full compliance of build, but thats just my $0.02


The specialty plan looked like more of what I would expect to do at an actual race. The General Build plan looks like it would build fitness too, possibly more since there’s more weekly TSS, but probably wouldn’t simulate the efforts I’d do at a race. Then again, maybe I should just save those efforts for when the day comes.

Yep, my take on Speciality is that it isn’t specifically designed to build your fitness, rather keeping you sharp whilst shaving off fatigue…so if you’ve got enough time to get the build block done you should. Train the appropriate systems through the specific build that matches your event.


In Plan Builder we trust.


I think you should do build


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I don’t have any events set on my schedule yet so don’t see a benefit. Goal is to be riding outside at the end of April and see what I want to do after

  • Say what?

If you don’t have any schedule that is pushing you to skip ahead, I am at a loss as to why you want to skip Build and jump to Specialty?


Nope - other way round skip speciality for build…that’s what I do - finish build - start time trials in March and race until October! - Simples!