Is my FTP set too high?

The only accurate FTP assessment is done with blood lactate testing and that would still be just a point in time, you’d likely get a different number if you tested the next day. Ramp Test, 2*8, 20 or 60 mins tests are all approximate estimates of your FTP, I’ve not seen any evidence that one of them is more consistently accurate over the others. Some are significantly more convenient though.


I have a strength in shorter anaerobic efforts that resulted in deceptively high FTP readings from the 20 min FTP test. When I manually adjusted my FTP down from 95% to 90%-92% of the 20 min power, my longer VO2 intervals felt more manageable. The 60 min power test confirmed the same number that I had been manually selecting prior to taking that test, so that’s why I feel it is accurate.

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@julianoliver thanks

Detailed response and yes that all makes sense. I will have a look at my numbers but suspect I will be someone with reasonable power available but currently struggle to maintain for long periods. When you describe getting dropped when a squeeze is put on for longer than five mins say- that’s me.

To be honest - first time structured training. Don’t know what I’m actually training specifically for. Will need to start looking at some events for early next year as I know that it will help having something in the diary.

If I’m honest i’d Just enjoy the look on some folks faces - if I did manage to keep up training all winter! They always tell me - “you could be a decent cyclist if you trained consistently!” :joy:

At moment I am enjoying the intensity of it. No doubt fitness improving and will be keen to see what new ramp test throws up in 3-4 weeks time.

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If you’re new to structured training and can consistently train with 3 high intensity structured sessions a week, you’ll be shocked at how much stronger you are on the bike in 3-6 months. :muscle: :biking_man: :smirk:

Hoping I keep it up!! :+1:

@AndyGajda very interesting comments. I have found the same so have been questioning whether my FTP is perhaps lower than the results I get, and have been doing reading online to see what I can learn about it as I am close to starting my indoor training block. How did you figure out what your power curve is? Did you look at TTE? Thanks!

Power curve

This is a link to my power curve. I’ve done some all out 15sec, 1 min, 3min, 5min efforts, but it’s data gathered largely from training and racing. This can show me where I need to make gains, and how I’m progressing.

For example, I knew this year I wanted to do a race with a 3 min climb and a 5 min climb to the finish. I did hill reps on similar hills to those in the race and saw the change in the curve over those duration of efforts. Got to the point that I was repeating the hills at almost exactly the same power every time in training, and come the race I smashed the 3 and 5 min power pbs on the hills I’d been training for.