Is my FTP correct

Just starting out here so lots of questions.

Last ride I did I had to up my FTP by 40% to start off with and fiddle around with it during the ride to work out where I should be to keep my cadence up but still on the target power rather than way above the TP.

If I stay on target power my cadence has to really drop and if I up my cadence I am way over the power target.

Eventually I rode most of the ride at plus 20% of my FTP. Should I simply alter the FTP manually or just keep upping it each ride until I do another ramp test at the end of my programme? I am in week 1 of a base programme on a new trainer so it’s question after question for me right now.

Hi, what setup do you have, and when did you take your FTP test?

What trainer are you using? Do you have ERG mode enabled? If you are using a smart trainer with ERG mode it should adjust the resistance to meet your target power regardless of cadence.

Got Tacx Flux did ramp test the other day my FTP is low I think - am 52 and female that is my excuse. One test said 209 the other 146 and prior to getting new trainer it was 122 apparently. I am not going to get into worrying about it compared to anyone else’s but I just want to be using the training programme as best I can.

Yes I am using ERG but in the rest intervals I am pedalling quite quick and the difference is power to target power is huge and it doesn’t seem to adjust. So I ramped up the FTP and it seemed to be ok.

Do you have a link to the ftp tests?

The ones I did? They are on my TR APP

You should be able to get a link to them on your workouts page. Did you do the ramp test both times?

Did ramp test 2 or three times and 8 minute FTP test

Ok, so none of those tests look correct to me.

It appears like you have done the ramp tests without using erg mode or attempting to follow the prescribed power (slope) whereas with the 8 minute test it looks like you have followed the power distribution based on your current FTP.

I would recover then retake your FTP test and ensure you have ERG mode turned on. You should follow the ramp increase closely and the resistance (power) will continue to rise until you fail. Have a look at the guidance and video here


Ok :ok_hand: I can’t face doing another one for a while as I have done so many wrong it’s tiring me out. I will try in a couple of weeks. Thank you

The Tacx Flux has a high wattage floor which means that to reduce the watts further you’ll need to change gear ie bigger cog on the back. I took mine back to the shop because of this and other issues.

Gosh… not sure I envisaged my question informing me that I have wasted hundreds of quid :flushed: all cool :sunglasses: I will get over it thank you

I actually did have it in ERG and the FTP test said it would automatically change to non ERG durin 8 minute test but I am about to get something like a baseball bat to do serious damage to a wasted purchase of smart trainer :flushed::cry:

Before you beat the trainer to its component parts, have a play with the gearing when you’re riding.

I’m using a Wahoo Kickr Snap, and if I’m turning my legs at 90rpm, have to be in the small chain ring, and fairly high up the rear cassette until I get to 140-150w. It’s just one of those things :man_shrugging:t2:

ERG mode will do what it can to adjust the power requirements, but your back wheel needs to be turning above a certain speed for it to work properly.

Hope this helps a little bit :+1:t2:

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Cool your reply gives me faith, love my bike, love TR, really want to love my expensive trainer and more than anything just want to be a better rider…and love the effort I put in. I am so far removed from Tour de France :fr: but keen and dedicated and I want to rock my ride :flushed::sunglasses:


Maybe try one of the shorter variants of Baxter (maybe -2), but rather than altering cadence to match the power profile, adjust your gearing to maintain a certain cadence (say 85-90rpm).

At the very least, it should give you a bit of confidence in the Trainer, and also a reasonable turn on your legs :wink:

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Cool will try that :sunglasses:

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Looks from your links like 209 is the right number.

Set that as your FTP in your profile, put the trainer in Erg mode, put your bike in the small cog at the front and maybe the 4th or 5th biggest at the back, and try a couple of workouts. Something like Tunnabora should feel like a proper effort but not leave you totally exhausted. If that’s the case, your FTP is probably in the right ballpark.