FTP Detection - Need to reset

My smart trainer was out of calibration for over a month making believe my power output was much higher (50+ watts) than what it actually was. This has resulted in me needing to lower my FTP so I can finish the workouts. I took a guess at what to set it at, but hoping FTP detection will be able to kick in and set it to what it needs to be now that I have calibrated my trainer or will I have to perform a ramp test since a lot of my history is skewed?

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You currently have access to AI FTP Detection! I’d use it!

If your post-workout survey responses were accurate, FTP Detection should do a good job of estimating your current FTP.

Let me know how it goes!

I’ll try it, but my post workout responses were based on me thinking I was completing the training at the higher wattage without issue. Now that I know it was actually much lower wattage, my survey results would have also been very different as well. For example, I started ramping up VO2 max for the last month and my level is 7.x which in reality probably would have been 1.x or at most 2.x.

You could do a ramp test and a block of training then use ftp detection

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You can go into these past activities and exempt them from being included in AIFTP detection - see the below screenshot

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It looks like you’re back on track! Manually adjusting your FTP isn’t a bad option, especially when you have an idea of how “off” your trainer or power meter was, as you did in your case.

@NateP’s idea of a ramp test isn’t bad either for those who aren’t as sure of the level of discrepancy.

Either way, Adaptive Training would have figured this out, though it may have taken a few workouts to get things adjusted to where they should have been. It looks like your approach worked really well.

Just shout if you have any issues or questions down the road! :slight_smile: