I missed a workout on the century plan, now what?

Hey folks. I just started using TrainerRoad a couple of weeks ago. I had some suggestions as to what plan to start with but chose the mid-volume century plan. I’m not new to structured training and have been doing training plans on Zwift for a bit over a year now. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, down from 284 pounds to what is now 200. I went from not being able to ride 3 miles to being able to ride 50. I really want to improve my performance and my ability to go long distances, I also want to improve my ability to keep up a pace in group rides should I ever get the chance to partake in one. According to the Ramp test on TR my FTP is 194.

The mid-volume century plan looked to be the right plan but now I’m not sure. My biggest concern is that I work super long hours. 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week right now. I won’t be doing this forever, hell I probably won’t more than a year tops, if that. For right now though, I still want to progress. Getting off after a long day, coming home, my energy levels are not at 100% and yesterday I missed the first workout… It made me REALLY depressed. I know for these plans to work you’ve got to do them by the book and do your prescribed workouts. I’m not sure how bad me missing that one workout was (the Saturday ride, called “McAddie.” Today is supposed to be Antelope+5. I’m not sure what to even do and hope I’m on the right plan…

Any advice?

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Keep on going. One missed ride won’t make or break. You don’t need to do the plans by the book. Many of us change as needed. Missing one workout will be no big deal. Heck… This week alone I’ve missed one and done less than 50% of three others. Life gets in the way.

If it becomes a trend than maybe it means rethinking your schedule. You’ll make gains with the low volume plan and may give you more recovery time. Work/training balance is important. More important than loading up on hours sometimes. Even a hybrid of mid and low can work.

Do Antelope +5 today and forget about yesterday.


Thank you for easing my mind! I’ll do as you say. I aim to not miss anymore, at least not on a weekly basis or as you say, I’ll have to rethink things.