Is anyone on here a brand ambassador?

I realize this is a year(+) old post. But are you guys still looking for Kreitler ambassadors? What is it that you usually look for in choosing ambassadors?


My wife and I are ambassadors for our bike shop have been for the last two years… we have responsibilities that include volunteering at events hosted by the shop, wearing there jersey at race events, and leading out monthly guided tours of our trail system here in central Florida… for new riders who want to rent a bike or just bought a new one. a lot of it is not required, however we feel that the other the perk of being an ambassador we should and need to be involved. It also gets us out more on the trail with no guilt. We also have recruited several of our friends and there friends to get into riding bikes which helps the shop… I feel that it is an important for the community. We have a good standing relationship with the shop, and we have been good to each other… plus I got my wife into MTB and involved with the shop so we all know what that means!! Guilt free new bike day… and riding all the time!!
I have been trying trying to get other ambassadorship with the bike company we sell and I ride as well as other brands! But no luck so far…

You know if you just stop paying them they will eventually will stop sending you a bill…


Funny you should mention that, I did stop paying for a while and a large gentleman named Bill paid me a visit… he took my VCR and collection of Richard Simmons workout tapes in lieu of payment :frowning:


Jeremy, you are doing it wrong. After getting sponsorship from Visa, you have to then move onto sponsorship from MasterCard.


Thanks for the tip! Definitely might take me from the amateur ranks to a full pro ride!!

Sent you a PM

Hey All

I am a Pactimo Ambassador for 2021 - We have a March Buddy Pass (expires March 31st) to share with friends, family teams mates or new acquaintances - gets you a nice discount on some sweet Pactimo gear!

PM me if you would be interested the discount code or have any questions on gear - I have several pieces I purchased prior to the Ambassador program, and am happy to share my experience.



I’m an ambassador for Athletic Brewing (NA beer that actually tastes great). The gig includes discounts on products and a FB group for ambassadors among other things. Feel free to PM me for a 20% discount on your first order of two six-packs or more!

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Me too! Welcome to the club. I was stoked about this one because their kit actually fits me!


My fiance was approached to be an ambassador for a particular bike brand. After reading the contract and talking to other former ambassadors she declined.
The idea of free bikes sounds nice but it does come at a cost. It can be very controlling with your free time as you are expected to make appearances at certain events. Another former ambassador was criticised about who they were photographed with as their friend was an ambassador for another bike brand. Her friendship was more important to her than the bike…


Wattie Ink Hit Squad.
–kinda meh about the whole thing. I was in it last year and didnn’t re-up. Not much of a social medialite either.

So the perks were 20/25% off Wattie gear… but if you look at their prices it just kinda brings the prices down to a level where I would even consider purchasing. The general Black friday discount was better. It cost $400 up front was for team kit and stuff that i really didn’t want. I’m a black shorts guy. And only 1 jersey choice. The team is associated with Heather Jackson of course, and her sponsors which included Herbalife…I have personal issues there with the MLM

Don’t get me wrong. I think their kit is nice and the company is good that they do a lot of US made (unsure to what extent) but with the MSRP of their kit I have to wonder if all their customers are the brand ambassadors.

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Yea some of the programs are a bit ridiculous. Eliel approved me and were like yea to get into the program you gotta buy our whole kit but we’ll give you a discount only $240. So I gotta spend $240 to promote your brand? What a bargain!

I got approved as an ambassador for another brand with no strings or fees, won’t mention who because I’m 101% sure that a certain someone who asked to have their account deactivated is still stalking the forum and might complain to the sponsor to try and get back at me because they think I stalked them.

I have to say I like the PAC ambassador, its pretty low key, a brand I already buy from, so made some sense

Funny story I was a GU ambassador like 15 years ago - you had to pay 100$, but got like 300$ worth of product, and water bottles, and tri shorts and top. I still find un-opened GU packets in my trunk or stuffed into gear bags, in the most random places, I had so much, I just was giving it away to anyone I knew.

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I have a lot of that from Amazon subscriptions that were unmonitored!

very well said, i have been brand ambassador for various leading brands in a different sport. I would not do it again. Nothing is eventually free…

Welcome to the club Mike, I got accepted to PAC last year (my entire cycling / tri wardrobe was already Pactimo so figured an extra discount for friends and myself wouldn’t go amiss!)

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Love Athletic Brewing and sucks they don’t ship to GA as I want to try different types. Been alcohol free 2.5 years now and feels good.

@ericallenboyd Yeah it’s a bummer they’re not allowed to ship to some states. I’ve been alcohol free right at 2.5 years as well! You’re right—it feels great!

If you can please pm me the code as I might still order some and get it shipped to my parents in WA state. Will be there in June.