Is anyone on here a brand ambassador?

so jealous. i love pactimo stuff and wear only pactimo but didnt get picked. ill definitely be trying again for 2019. moved to cat 1 mtb and the end of the season. maybe thatll give me a bump i need.

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I once got a whole 9 likes for an instagram photo so I’m basically just waiting for the bike companies to beat their way to my door to offer me stuff.


Ahh, but my team riders only ‘refer’ people to me… I’m the ass that sells the stuff :wink::wink::wink:


I’m a brand ambassador for Skratch Labs. This has been my first year and it has been great. As a long time user and promoter of their products it was a natural fit for me. Its set up similar to most other programs in that we get discounts, exclusive gear and other perks. My social media presence is far from impressive, probably only a few hundred followers between Twitter and Instagram. (follow @fastk9dad #skratchlabs) :smiley:

I did apply for a second ambassadorship for another “cause” that believe and have been involved in over the past 15 years. So hopefully I get selected and can fill you all in on it later. :wink:


Not one myself but I know a number of Rapha ambassadors. They get 40% discount off kit, not sure if that can be used in conjunction with sale prices or only full price items. They give up a huge amount of their weekends organising and leading rides as well as generally trying to increase membership in the RCC.
They are allowed to give out 20% discount codes as perks to others, presume they have a limited number per year and the idea is they’re a sweetener to new customers.
I think it’s fair to say without these ambassadors the clubhouses wouldn’t be able to offer as many rides as they do and I really appreciate the hard work the crew in Manchester put in.


Hey, that tweet is me. Yes, I was incredibly lucky to be chosen to be a 3T ambassador.

I didn’t get a free bike or a loaner, but I did get a decent discount on a Strada Pro and some free clothing. I applied for the ambassadorship after seeing it pop up through social media. I was asked about my social networks, reach and impact, and also how I would go about promoting 3T and in particular the Strada.

I am also expected to complete a number of blogs, which may be published through the 3T website in addition to my own.

I know you may be feeling a little sour, and I completely understand. But I suggest you apply for upcoming offers; you’ve got to be in it to win it, as they say.

By the way, when I first saw the Strada, I thought it was beautiful. Now owning one, I know it is an amazing bike - as that’s not because I am an ambassador.


I’m a Haute Route ambassador, so if you are interested in doing any of the remaining 2019 events DM me and I will share a 10% off code.

Or if you are just interested in an event, let me know.

Ive had a pair of Kreitlers for about 15-years now. Still going strong! Only had to replace the drive band over the years.

I’m a Brand Ambassador for Cantu Cycling Wheels. They’re a small, family owned Texas company. The founders, John and Venny, are cycling friends of ours. My wife actually races Venny all the time. :grinning:

The perks are discounts on wheels and accessories. The requirements are pretty simple: post to social media showing yourself on your Cantu Wheels having fun. Racing isn’t a requirement. There are plenty of Cantu ambassadors who don’t race.

I also race for one of our local Dallas bike shops, Richardson Bike Mart. I guess you could say I’m also an ambassador for them as well, though there’s no requirement to do anything other than wear the shop kit during races. My wife is on their Elite Women’s Cyclocross team, so she gets certain perks that I don’t. But they treat both of us really well whenever we need service or whatever, so we do what we can to help support them.

Noah - You guys were great on a warranty issue I had with a set of rollers. Five stars. - Mark

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I’m a brand ambassador for Skratch Labs. Very good discount and they will often supply product for grassroots type races when asked by an ambassador who is competing in the event. My social media presence is pretty average, but I’m sure to tag them in appropriate posts, and participate in the members only Facebook group.

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Great brand pre-acquisition, I still have my Racer X (frame) and Racer X 29er bike in the shed, can’t part with them.

I am a brand ambassador for Factor Bikes in Australia. Perks are ‘not to be spoken of’ but obviously there is some benefit for me. I have about 5,300 followers on Instagram which is not really that much compared to many others.

Hey Alphadog! I want to do the 3 days dolomites 2020 with some friends … been training on TR for it…do you still have a discount code? Tks

Didn’t work for me :frowning:

I’m no longer a Haute Route Ambassador, but I’m still friends with some. DM me your name & email, and I will pass it along

CrankSports ambassador. They make e-gels and e-fuel. Discovered them about 4 years ago at my local triathlon shop and they were a game changer for me, after not such luck with Gu, honey stinger, bonk breakers, etc. They started an ambassador program last year and I was accepted. I get a small discount and I have a code I can share with people who want to give it a try. Social media presence isn’t that great, but I know at least a handful of people who reached out to me and ended up at least trying the stuff.

I’m a Prana pro and was with Patagonia. Only got a big discount on my stuff and could buy for family or friends when they offered it a couple times a year.

Now I’m Team Lost Cabin, our local brewery. Annual beer tab and reimburse race entry fee until their tired of paying my bills. And who doesn’t like free beer. I have to post on IG at races and they like one related post per month. Pretty easy.

Tell them to make beer that tastes good :wink::laughing:

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I’m sponsored by Visa, they seem really generous with buying me all the gear I need and want, but they keep billing me for it after the fact? is this normal??