TrainerRoad T-Shirt

@Nate_Pearson where can I get a TR T shirt from, saw one on the Norcal podcast and couldn’t help but be very envious.


Hi there,

We don’t usually sell or ship them, unfortunately.

If you ever catch up with us at an event, we’ll be more than happy to give out shirts and maybe some other TrainerRoad swag. :slight_smile:


That’s a real miss. I understand why people might not want to wear TR jerseys outdoors, but you could get a TON of free advertising by selling t-shirts.

Maybe do a post asking who would buy one and see what the result is?


I just want some TR logo stickers. You guys have so much cool stuff on the podcast like the mugs too. Why not start a little web store? I’m sure TR could get enough profits from selling some gear that they wouldn’t have to raise subscription prices as often


That’d be one hell of a transatlantic road trip. I’d want to have a group ride too!


I don’t have the best insight into this as it’s not my area, but my understanding is that we determined the logistics of setting up and maintaining a web store, inventory, and a shipping operation would be overly cumbersome. We are a pretty small organization after all and, while cool, a web store doesn’t help you all to get faster.

We’d love to get swag out to everyone and have you represent if there were an easy way to do it. I’m sorry that I don’t have better news. :frowning:


There are companies out there that do all this for you. You just send the logo and they do the rest, including shipping.


Brand awareness and community building opportunity:

You’ve seen those nice orange Zwift water bottles yes? You guys have friends at Specialized - could do a limited run of Purist bottles, sell them 3 for $30, have a high school kid mail them out.

Free idea: Water bottle with Trainer Road logo on one side and Nate, Jonathan and Chad “Pep Boys” like logo on the opposite.

Pair a 3-set of bottles with a nice T-shirt for $60-75 before holidays and you’ll sell out no problem.



While I understand that, you guys should also weigh the pros of going through the trouble as well. Your company has a loyal following and I’m sure everyone on this forum and most of your users have nothing but great things to say about TR. We are literally walking advertisements and would sell the crap out of our TR experience, hell I sling my free month referrals to everyone and everyone wants them because they saw what TR did for me.

I would 100% rock a TR jersey with pride


Drop shipping is cake
I’d buy swag


You all raise great points. :slight_smile:

I believe that having a single third party deal with everything has been considered, but the people that handle our “merch” prefer a bit more control (e.g. we may like mugs from company A, shirts and hats from company B, bottles from company C, and stickers from company D). We’d certainly want to ensure that anything being given out or sold was a quality product that we ourselves would use, and this is hard when one company is producing and shipping everything.

As I said, this isn’t my area so the best I can do is pass all of this feedback along. I certainly will.


Please do consider finding a way for us buy some swag, I would love to be able to wear a shirt/jersey or even have a bottle to promote you all :slight_smile:


I’d even settle for just having the TR Jakroo site reopen so I can buy a TR jersey.


We’ve looked a bit at drop shipping but we can’t find the right combo of quality and drop shipping.

On top of that every company we’ve talked to has regretted setting up a swag store, even if it’s drop shipping. There’s just not enough sales/marketing to warrant the effort.

The best way to get swag is to see us at the events we go to and talk about on the podcast. Come talk to us and we’ll give it to you for free.


Announcement forthcoming, but if you want a TR adjacent t-shirt, you could just join us for the Disaster event and earn your shirt that way. :joy::wink:


Making a trip to TR office worth it. Drinking out of TR bottles is an easy 10Watt boost


So I only need to convince my wife that the next vacation is the transatlantic one. Unfortunately I was not able to go to Bodensee area when you were there. :wink:
Otherwise I do see your points.

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The fact that you can’t buy them is what makes them cool.

If you see one on the wild you know…“ooohhhh, that guy’s been to the Mother Ship!”


When’s the next event near Houston? :joy::joy::joy:

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Let me know when you fancy riding Bluebell, Warren, Boxley, Birling, Vigo or Carter for real :grinning: