Is anyone on here a brand ambassador?

I’d be happy to but it’s saying your profile is hidden when I click your username and try to message.

Just realized I never posted an update for 2019. I was a Skratch ambassador again and also an ambassador for the Rescue Project ( Skratch of course made sense again as (at the time) were the only drink mixes I used, plus their chews are terrific as well. Rescue Project is something near and dear to my heart. I already wore some their kit so being able to promote them was super exciting for me. Of course 2019 ended up not being a good bike year for me as I took a new job and relocated so riding was limited but I tried to represent the brands as best I could.

Currently I’m not an ambassador for anyone, both Skratch and RP didn’t continue with their programs and 2020 wasn’t a good cycling year for me anyway. I wouldn’t mind doing it again, but it has to be something I 100% support (and deal with whatever terms). I still continue to support RP and will probably get another kit this year.

The upside is I get to try more nutrition stuff now. Untapped Mapleaid is in my closet next to my 4 year supply of Skratch and I’m getting all sorts of samples from the TheFeed for some chews and bars now.

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I’m an ambassador for Flow Formulas. PM me and I’ll hook up 30% off.

Flow Formulas

I’ve been an ambassador for many years for Kiwami Triathlon Clothing Kiwamitri,com) , which is some of the best on the market! I only go with products I really believe in, and they are one. Having met the founders and the North American head, I know how much technology and work they put into all they make (they have their own factory in France). I actually worked in the past on occasion with him until they moved to CT. Anyone looking, they do custom uniforms and lettering with minimums of one for any stock items. It’s great quality and lasts…