Special Guest: Justin Williams – Ask a Cycling Coach 263

Justin Williams from L39ION of Los Angeles joins the team to break down his career, sprint tactics, and more in Episode 263 of The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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Very cool


Yay! I have a question for him. Being a white middle-aged dude, I want to know how to help without being a jerk. One idea: I would start last in the BWR, and would raise money for the legal defense fund and L39ion for every person I pass. Someone has done this sort of thing for Leadville.

The question is, is it presumptuous for me to do this? Should I just lean in to support others in their fundraising efforts? Or is it good to create more opportunities to provide support?

Again, looking for ways to help without being an insensitive poop.


Very cool indeed! :heart_eyes_cat:

Although I’m sure there are more important things to cover first, if there is time I would love to hear specifics on how he and L39ion trains, the stuff between the races, the more mundane the better!


Huge get, well done. :pray:t4:

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Great job, I’m looking forward to the episode. I’m also glad that Legion has raised almost $110k in their GoFundMe, more than twice as much as they set out.

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They also got a big chunk of no-strings cash from Specialized.


Excited for this, been wanting these guys to get on the podcast for a while. Hopefully the majority of the conversation is going to be about cycling

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I met Justin in Mallorca last November with Rapha. Real nice guy, relaxed, loves talking about bikes and his team and as you’d expect an exception bike handler. He wasn’t so much of a fan of the Mallorca hills - he’s no slouch when climbing though! Looking forward to this one.


Hopefully the majority of the conversation is going to be about the entirety of Justin’s cycling experience.


How do you beat them?


Legion of Los Angeles
Elite Cycling Team dedicated to increasing diversity, encouraging inclusion, and giving supporters access to their favorite athletes.

His team seems to be about more than just cycling, hopefully reflected on AACC podcast.

For those who want a JW/L39 primer:


He’s also been co-hosting a podcast with Payson McElveen since the pandemic started, if you want a preview of his podcasting chops.


Yea GCN covered that pretty well in their nearly 25 minute highlight of LE9ION. I’m sure there will be talks about diversity in the sport, as there should be, but also hoping to hear more about their training and strategy and past experiences as POC in what’s fair to call a “white guy sport” more so than opinions on current events that don’t necessarily relate to cycling.

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This is cool. Man I want a L39ION jersey but it seems they are sold out.

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He says in his latest ‘From the Gun’ podcast-lite that the team has a new fan jersey etc coming out soon-ish.



Cant wait for this.