Is anyone on here a brand ambassador?

Who do you represent?

What are the perks?

How impressive is your social media presence?

I am a former ambassador for Saris/CycleOps/PowerTap (2016 I think).

Essentially, I got volunteered to the position because of my existing presence and support via their Facebook posts and the user groups that I already frequented. I supplied tech and sales support where ever I saw posts by interested people on FB.

Requirements were to complete instruction modules on their learning site. Perks were access to discounted parts from each brand.

I stopped being an ambassador because it was redundant for me. I also work at a bike shop and already have access to the same training and discounts. So it was not much of an advantage for me with that consideration.


Calling @Jonathan as he is or at least used to be a brand ambassador for Yeti Cycles after he approached them.

BKXC made a video interviewing him mostly about his ASRc two years ago.


Yes, but the term is fairly ambiguous.

I’m an ambassador for Vittoria, Fizik and POC through my role in an independent bike shop. I receive reduced rates as a ‘sponsored’ rider, and in return I talk about their products a lot at races and via socials such as Instagram. It works well for me because the first reason we work with these products at my shop ANYWAY is that we love them, and much like the TR podcast guys say - I would never back a product I don’t believe in.

My instagram following is only just above 2,000 but I talk about bike equipment day in day out with people so I guess that’s where they receive their value back from me.

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Was an ambassador for Titus Cycles back in the day before they went belly up and were purchased by Planet X in the UK. Involved more posting on MTBR and Pinkbike as FB/Instagram really hadnt taken off yet…this was 2007-2009.


Geeze, wouldn’t it be nice to get a free bike for being an ambassador (lookin’ at you, 3T).

Seen several Twitterers gushing about their new bikes. [Gratuitous grumbling redacted.]

Sadly, I’m not a social media superstar, so no free stuff for me.

I’m a brand ambassador for Pactimo! I got a free kit, socks and water bottles! Plus a year long discount!

Hit me up if you would like a discount code :sunglasses:


I’ve got four pairs of their bib shorts – the 12-hour summit bibs are amazing. Love their stuff and will be buying more. Send me that discount code please! :slight_smile:

I saw their ambassador arrangements earlier this year. It involved a discount but you still had to pay £thousands for the privilege.

Unless you are very good I doubt anyone is given a whole bike for free (unless the arrangement is to return it later).

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Brand ambassador / sponsored rider hardly ever means ‘free stuff’ unfortunately :nerd_face:

I thought someone decided to be a brand ambassador for 3T with out paying the $0000s

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I’m an ambassador for Hincapie Sportswear until the end of the year, but I applied to be an ambassador again next year so we’ll see! Overall a great company, all about family and spreading the love for cycling. They’re a huge supporter of Meals on Wheels as well (Just donated $50000)! I get discounts being an ambassador and I also have my own discount code to share with others for 20% OFF (18DANIEL). In addition, I received a couple of free kits and some other sweet discount codes for partner companies. My main job is being active on social media and just supporting the brand which is easy to do when the company is as great as it is. I also lead Hincapie Cycling Society rides at least 10 times a year. It’s been great.


Not an amassador per se but i’m with the Garmin Crew. I’ve got to do a few posts/month tagging their stuff. So far i got some goodies(hat, shirt, water bottle and a nice discount code) and they said we should get more stuff for the next year for what i paid 0 dollars. My social media presence is far from impressive, i shouldn’t have more than 320 followers on IG, don’t ask me how i ended being selected…lol.

I’ve been a brand ambassador for Tailwind Nutrition for the last year, and will be adding Maxxis to the list this coming year. Not sure if I’ll get the pleasure of representing Tailwind again yet. I really just stumbled in to the ambassador thing. I’ve used their products for years and happened to see a post on FB about representing them.
Tailwind gives me a good discount and 3 boxes FULL of their fuel and recovery drinks to give out to friends and fellow riders. T-shirts, hats, bottles, and I promote their stuff not because of the discounts or the stuff, but because it works for me, and I want to share it with others.
Admittedly, I don’t have a huge digital following, but I race our state series and am active in our local MTB club and cycling scene.
The discounts are great, but I don’t go looking for just any old deals. I only look into representing brands / products I already use and enjoy.


This is an example of the kinda tweet I was referring to. So, yeah, I made assumptions, and I could be toh-tally off base. He could be a current pro (and a free bike is certainly deserved in that case) who just doesn’t tweet much about cycling (read the tweet responses).

But thank you for pointing out it could be a loaner. Of course, I’ll gladly take a loaner bike for free too.

Apologetic disclaimer: I’m really just having a temper tantrum aloud. I understand that giving away bikes to a few people with large online followings is likely much more effective and economical advertising than paying for conventional ad space. I’m just pissed that the merit required to be chosen has less to do with cycling and more to do with popularity.

They obviously didn’t have a large enough Twitter following to be given the bikes. :rofl:

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Not to shill, but I’m the Brand Manager for MRP and one of our other brands is Kreitler Rollers - so I’m kinda the de-facto Brand Manager there too. If anyone is interested in being an ambassador for either of our brands, fill out these forms ASAP (below). Just putting that out to my fellow TR users! I delegate sponsorship to someone else, but I do have oversight and will tell my co-worker to be on the lookout for applicants mentioning TR. I’ll say the bar for MRP sponsorship is a bit higher, as we do look at social media stats and have guidelines there, however we are actively looking for more Kreitler ambassadors. I’ll admit I use a Kickr for most of my workouts, but I like using my rollers for recovery rides as they make it a little more entertaining and I get the benefit of form work. They’re also quite handy for race warmups.

MRP Sponsorship

Kreitler Contact Us (select “other” for reason)

As for me, I ride for Pivot Cycles and have support from Enve, Giro, Stages, Ergon, and Club Ride apparel.


Business innit… On a much smaller scale, we select our race team members (who receive perks in the way of discounted/trade price products) based on how nice people are, how comfortable they are talking to people and generally how likeable they are. You could be the hardest working, fastest cyclist in the area but if you’re a **** you aren’t going to help me sell products!


Maybe that’s what’s eating me: I would feel more confident buying from an a** with credibility than a clueless charismatic. Does anyone else feel this way?

(Of course, a nice guy with cred would be ideal.)

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Use code Everyadventure for 30% off pactimo!

Only works on full price items and sometimes you may get lucky in the outlet!