Advice - Maintaining/Building when 7 months out

Hi All

First post and will try to keep it short and simple. I’ve got IM Frankfurt as my A-Race next year, roughly 30 weeks away. In theory I can fit in the Full distance base, build then speciality if I want. but I would say I already have a good to very good aerobic base with a solid but not spectacular year in all three disciplines under my belt. the base plan seems a bit “easy” which sounds but is not meant to be hugely arrogant.

What would people advise here? Use the 12 week base to do an additional build phase to maximise my power or something else?



Hey there Tony!

It is very rare that we recommend anybody skip base training. It is incredibly important to have a solid base in order to increase your fitness throughout the season. Check out this blog post titled “Can I Skip Base Training” for more information on this:

So, as we recommend for everybody going into their next season, do the base training as it is the foundation of your fitness throughout the year. The progression I would recommend for you is:

  1. Full Distance Triathlon Base
  2. Full Distance Triathlong Build
  3. Full Distance Triathlon Specialty



Thanks, Ian, very useful. 2 follow-up questions:

  1. Should I leave a gap between each phase/plan or should i just go seamlessly from one to the next?
  2. Should I plan for the speciality plan to finish in race week? The plan kind of looks like it is a taper but not sure.



No problem!

  1. All of our plans have build in recovery weeks at the end so there is no need to add a week in between for recovery. If you are feeling extra fatigued and like you need more time to recover, then by all means, add in a couple days or even a week! Just listen to your body.

  2. You should plan for your specialty phase to end a day or two before race day. The last week in all of our specialty phases is a taper week so use that to your full advantage! :slight_smile: