Ironman 70.3 Training Plan questions

Hello all, I am 20 weeks out from Ironman Steelhead 70.3.

I am looking at doing a Base, Build, Specialty, low volume for all 3 and they are all 8 weeks long, which puts me at 24 weeks (4 weeks past my race date).

Would it be ok to shorten each phase by 2 weeks to have 6 weeks for each phase, or would you leave the full 8 weeks on for one of the phases and shorten the others more?

If I were to take out certain weeks from the plans, which ones should I take out (beginning weeks/end weeks/etc) and are there ‘key’ workouts I should not take out of each phase.

I know this is a complex answer, but appreciate any feedback.

Basically trying to figure out my best plan of attack, and still account for about 4-5 days of taper leading up to the race.


What have you been doing so far? I personally would do base and build in full and lose weeks from the specialty block but if you already have a decent base, then you might get away with cutting weeks from base.

The specialty phase has a taper built in (weeks 7 & 8) so you could do 1,2,7,8.

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Good advice here. The only part I’d differ from is I’d probably look at doing weeks 1,2,3 and the week 8, the taper week.


Thanks for the reply.

I am coming off Ironman Louisville in 2018, and have been slowly building up a base. I have a half marathon on April 27, so I put in about 23 running miles last week for training, and I am doing about 1-2 trainer rides a week and 1 swim.

Base is ‘not bad’ right now. I’m doing 4-6 hours a week right now of training, mainly Zone 2 stuff with a little bit of sweet spot intervals thrown in.

Good to know about the taper built in for the last 2 weeks, thank you. I’ll check out the Ironman thread

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Anyone else have their .02 to share?

I was just listening to ‘Picking the Right Plan’ Podcast and Chad emphasized on there to not skip any of the base plan, and if you should skip anything, it should be the Specialty.

So, I think I will run the base plan through it’s entirety and then go straight into build, and finish with whatever specialty I can and then fast forward to the last 2 weeks for a proper taper.

Would love to hear any other advice. Thanks!

This is exactly what we would recommend :+1:

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hi there!

as you are looking for more perspectives, I also agree with the suggestions by @Scheherazade and @JulianM. it’s a good plan, enjoy the journey!