Ironman training program question

Greetings. I’m joining TR in a couple of weeks and plan to use it for training for Ironman Switzerland (July 21, 2019). I did IM Chattanooga Sep 30, took several weeks off and then started a slow build up to re-establish base. Training has included weights 2-3x/week, core exercises 3-4x/week, 2 spin bike workouts consisting mainly of muscle tension intervals/strength based stuff or low HR aerobic training, one 30+ minute roller spin, and road rides of btw 50-70 miles with a lot of hills.

I’m a little overwhelmed with all the training plans. I have roughly 28 weeks plus some tapering. Which plan and what phase should I start? Thanks in advance

(for reference, I’m 51 and when I started tri’s all bikes were steel with toe clips and column shifters. I’m not technically inclined, so things like “ANT dongles” confuse the crap out of me)

Hi Austin,

Sounds like you may just fit the “Full Distance Triathlon” plan into your schedule: a base block of 12 weeks, then the build and specialise blocks at eight weeks each.

Sounds like the low volume version of each should suit, based on your description.

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The full Base-Build-Specialty plan will take 28 weeks so I’d start with the Full Distance Base plan and go from there.

The couple of extra weeks may well come in useful as if life events or illness get in the way you’ve got a little wiggle room.


thanks! That gives me a good start point

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It looks like you have your plan progression sorted out, but if you have any questions regarding ANT+ dongles, connecting your sensors, or anything like that, our Support Staff would be happy to help you out :slight_smile:

You can reach them at

We look forward to having you as part of the TrainerRoad Team!

And join the suffering over here when you get a moment!

Good luck on your first ramp test :wink:

will do. thanks!