hitting Strava rate limits - big consequences for TR users!

The developer just announced that they hit Strava’s rate limits with Strava offering them no way to upgrade: Strava sync to become a paid feature - Announcements - Forum

As a consequence, syncing with Strava will be limited to paid users only (just to get below the limit again). Note that being a Strava subscriber or not doesn’t matter at all here.

While syncing from Garmin still works, Garmin does not forward workouts externally to its platform. So while TR workouts show up in Garmin, they will not sync to This means that for 95% of the people, TrainerRoad will not work with any more.

Uhm, any chance that TR will consider supporting directly?


This is based on david saying that only 5% of the current user base is subscribers, which I think is crazy!

I can only encourage everyone to subscribe if they use the platform. The dedication and work david puts in is incredible and the solution is fantastic.


While I’d definitely encourage everyone to subscribe to, it’s worth pointing out that if everyone subscribes, we’re back to it not working with TR any more :crazy_face:


Question: If still works with Garmin, won’t TR workouts that sync to Garmin Connect automatically upload to that way?

Right now I personally do the workout in TR, and it then uploads in the background to Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks, and


Mmmm. I believe I sync TR via Dropbox to And Garmin directly to
And I don’t use Strava.

In that setup, I don’t think the announcement would impact me at all? Do correct me me if I got that wrong


That is a fair point :smiley: which was remise of me. Fortunately, TR doesn’t feature in my workflow with

Back to the thread at hand!

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Yup, paid supporter for over a year, I think?

I may investigate using Dropbox since this step by David is a bit of stop-gap measure and will return as he grows and more people commit to payments.


NO! This is an important point. Garmin does not forward external workouts, which Strava did do.


So, how about TR → Dropbox →

Or would that not work for outside rides that originated in Garmin? (Garmin → TR → Dropbox →

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Garmin connects directly to No need to go through TR.


You can sync your workouts/rides with any of these services directly to Since I got my Garmin Fenix I cut Strava out of the equation and will do TR workouts on my phone/tablet and simultaneously record the indoor workout with my watch. I’m sure there are better workarounds to not include Strava, but that’s how I do it.

edit: too slow…


So basically sounds like a combination of:

TR → Dropbox →
Garmin →

Would fix the issue. (I don’t have any need to push anything from intervals → TR, if that’s even possible or desired? Do they do workout planning like TrainingPeaks?)

Will have to try it out shortly.


I’ve been meaning to recognize @davidtinker for that site for a while - guess it is time to go become a paid supporter. Well worth it for the value I’ve gotten from the site already


Yes, an extensive workout builder with ability to push planned workouts to Garmin directly and Zwift (using Dropbox) amongst other features.

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I happily canceled my Strava subscription this year after religiously supporting the platform. If/when I begin structured training in earnest, I will pay for in Strava’s place.


I have been meaning to donate to Intervals so I suppose this is the impetus I needed to do so.


From the thread over at the forum:

Unfortunately I think Strava have decided to quietly drop the API by not giving out rate limits without all the bad press turning it off would generate.

My god, you’d think it would be so mind-bogglingly stupid for them to kill off their thriving third-party ecosystem like this, but based on what we’ve seen in the past few weeks it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. It’s like they’re looking at the dumpster fire over at Twitter and went “oh yeah, that’s the stuff.” It’d be great if Garmin opened up their API some more so developers didn’t have to rely on Strava to build tools like or VeloViewer.

After reading both threads, I’m still not sure what the most streamlined syncing solution is (I’m a paid subscriber so technically I don’t need to do anything but I’d definitely want to reduce my reliance on Strava anyway.) Sounds like:

  1. Garmin Connect for activities recorded on my watch & head unit
  2. TrainerRoad via Dropbox
  3. Zwift… download FIT file manually, and either upload it manually to intervals or move it to Dropbox?
  4. FORM… same?

Those two should do it. The other method is to dual record TR on the app and on a Garmin bike computer or watch. In that case, Garmin to only would be sufficient.


Where does one download Zwift files, if you Zwift on an Apple TV?