and Training Peaks (Without Strava)

Not being a Strava user, is there a way of getting my Training Peaks data into Happy to use a third party, but can’t work out how.

Anyone done this?

In the settings for you can also set it to ‘Download Activities’ from Garmin Connect or Polar. Mine is set as the default download from Strava but I guess it would work if you have any of the others. @davidtinker may be able to better advise.


Probably better to post this on the forum


Thanks - wasn’t aware there was a forum - have done so now.

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Its not supported as TrainingPeaks have closed the API to new partners, and may reopen in the future.

Here are a few options that appear to be supported:

  • setup Strava account and mark all workouts as private, setup Intervals sync, and that makes Strava a third party option
  • use Dropbox: I haven’t personally tried this but it shows ‘download activities’ as a feature in
  • if all your rides are outdoors, and you have a Garmin, use Garmin Connect sync option

Thanks @WindWarrior - I’ll give the dropbox route a shot!