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Looking to download my training history so that I can upload to Training Peaks. I’m a data geek and like the graphs available on that platform. I’ve got it set up such that future rides in TR will push to Training Peaks, but trying to get my back library of workouts over to TP. Any thoughts??? Thanks

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It’s a good question - I don’t need this, but I’ve wondered about it too. I would think that to support EU customers and be in line with GDPR regulations, there’d have to be some way to download all your data, but I don’t know if there is one.


Note I had some issues syncing to TrainingPeaks and have stopped using their auto-sync and just manually upload to TrainingPeaks when I do a ride outside TR that does not get auto-synced. But this site in theory can auto-sync history across a number of platforms.

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to mass export past rides to TrainingPeaks :pensive:. To push historical rides to training peaks, it sadly must be done one-by-one.

The fastest way that we are able to sync historical rides to TrainingPeaks is to:

  1. Open each historical workout. The easiest way to do this opening the “Past Rides” page on your desktop. Ctrl-click each workout to open it up in a new tab.
  2. Then, scroll to the bottom of each page. Pressing the “End” key will jump straight to the bottom without scrolling.
  3. Click the TP icon and the workout will sync to TrainingPeaks
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I do not have experience with Tapiriik, but it may be worth a shot since manually pushing each workout is a pretty time-consuming process.

Sorry I don’t have a better solution for you at this time :confused:.

I asked the same question for the same reason. Answer was to download each activity individually. Can’t remember the number I had to download (100’s) but it was completely impractical anyway as when each activity was download it went back to the top of the list and I had to try to find where I was up to each time. Gave up after a couple of activities. Pretty sure this method didn’t meet GPDR requirements but TR didn’t seem to care about it.

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Question, does my perceived intensity rating for my mtb does get pushed to Training Peaks? It doesn’t show up when importing the source file.


To get my data to Training Peaks, I exported my entire Strava Data archive then drag and dropped all the files onto the TP window. Everything was imported, but not my Trainer Road comments or perceived intensity ratings. Then input can be synced to WKO too.

New workouts are automatically pushed to TP via ride sync.
And I set up Trainer Road to push my workouts to Dropbox so will always have the source file from now on.

I may try the Tapiik link as well to see if the data that gets pushed is more complete.


The percieved intensity does not get imported to Trainingpeaks unfortunately :pensive:.

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