Trainer Road workout history to Training Peaks?

Is there a way to bulk export your past couple years of TR workouts to Training Peaks? I see you can do it one at a time but would like to get my past couple years of training history on there.

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Also can you get upcoming TR workouts to show on the Training Peaks Calendar?

Unfortunately, TR can only push completed workouts to TP. It can’t push the calendar. I still manually put my upcoming workouts in the TP calendar. But I only do it by workout type (endurance, SS, etc), duration, and TSS. Then when I complete the workout, the data for it fills in.

Can’t you just link strava to trainingpeaks and bulk upload from the strava DB? I think thats what I did.

Assuming you have strava.
If not, create and account, and pull from there.

I have Strava and Intervals.ICU but free accounts, can’t see how to link either to Training Peaks to upload old activities.

You can email TR support to ask for a zip of all your files that you can upload to TP. Going forward, make sure your TR workouts are going to TP as you do them.


My n=1, when I started using TP, it did back-populate with ALL my completed activities from TrainerRoad and Garmin. I went back a couple years and everything appears to be there. (I didn’t have to do anything, it’s all just there…)

I am currently using TP Premium with a coach, and everything does also go into Garmin Connect so Garmin is probably the source of the historical data.

Actually come to think of it, when I purchased TP premium it auto-populated from either Garmin or Strava. I did have to backlog TSS, which TP has a guide for on their site. You’ll want to do this for each FTP/weight change or your fitness/fatigue/form values will be off.

Yup! Like @The_Conductor mentioned, you’ll have to contact, and we’ll send you a Zip file with all your rides so you can upload them to TrainingPeaks.

I played around with it a while back and found a way (On Mac, but probably a super similar way on Windows). Here it is:

TrainerRoad will only send completed workouts to TrainingPeaks after syncing is enabled between the two platforms. Therefore, past TrainerRoad rides will not sync to TrainingPeaks.

Once you receive the Zip file from TR Support, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Zip file to your computer

  2. Log into your TrainingPeaks account

  3. Go to Calendar

  4. Open Zip file

  5. Open the folder that says “Rides”

  6. Select all your ride fit.file (You can click>>Command>>drag down to select all rides)

  7. Drag and drop all selected rides onto your TP Calendar.

Ended up going through and manually (one at a time) porting a few months worth of TR workouts over. trying to figure out how to do that with my outdoor activities, Strava/Wahoo. Hopefully can do it without downloading and uploading each one…

You’re in luck! TR will import all of your cycling activities from Strava automatically. No need to upload each ride one at a time!

Check out the instructions here:

Let me know if you need help with anything else!