Insulated Bib shorts recommendation

I’m embarrassed to admit but I have been using the same bib shorts for fall and early spring for the last 10 years. They are assos T.607.4 campionissimo. The chamoise is still in great condition, except my butt is showing in the back. You can see the material is breaking down. They aren’t as tight on me anymore either. But I can’t seem to find something similar on assos anymore. Does anyone have recommendations for comfortable thermal/insulated bib shorts.

Pearl Izumi is still my goto for thermal bibs.

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I have a pair of pactimo thermal bibs that I like. I think you just missed a sale though.

Bearing in mind that I have a bony backside that requires the most expensive bibs known to man, I find the Rapha Pro Team thermal bibs very good.


I have a pair of the original PI thermal bibs from 1992…just recently wore a small hole on the inside thigh. That’s a pretty good run!

The newer versions aren’t quite as thick as the originals, but still a very good thermal bib. Definitely recommended.

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Assos sells various “spring / fall” bibs and knickers which have thicker fabric.

Castelli Omloop are good

Assos Spring/Fall Equipe bibs

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G/shield from Girodana - gotten way more use out of these than I thought. Also one of my more comfortable option.

Do people find thermal bibs to size differently than other bibs within the same brand? I was just looking at some bibs where I normally where a medium, although I’m admittedly on the line between M and L. Just read a review of someone smaller than me in every way who ordered an XL and claimed they fit perfect.

Makes sense to me that thermal materials may be less stretchy other fabrics.

I have these. They’re good for shoulder seasons. Comfortable from maybe 3-4C to about 15C.

For sure. I have their predecessor the Tiburu as well

these and their 3/4 knickers are phenomenal

Man the rapha are expensive at almost $400 Canadian.
Wonder why it’s so hard to get close up shots at the thermal lining and chamoise.

They are pricey but if you do a lot of CDN shoulder season riding they are worth it.
The thermal lining feels like a light fleece on the skin, and chamois is the same as their pro-team bibs.
The outer “front facing” fabric is wind/water resistant, so the elements don’t cut through them. The backs of your knees/hamstrings are a slightly different material which allow hot air to escape so they allow some thermal regulation.

+1 for Assos. I don´t know what is current model, but I have T.Tiburu S7 bibs. I wore those bibs today 3hr road ride at +1° + fresh north wind and feel very comfortable.

DHB Aeron. Good quality, competitive pricing.

I"m in Au so don’t know about availability but I bought a pair of Pedal Mafia winter weight bibs a year or two back and they’re fantastic.

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Velocio zero bibs are :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:, worth every penny. So many “thermals” are for Californians riding in 50 degrees. Velocio is from New England and knows what’s up.

I don’t touch my thermals until it is sub-40*.


Chicago guy

(But since my temp tolerance has continued to drop, I rarely have the need to wear my winter bibs any longer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)