Gravel specific/more densely padded shorts

I’m very happy with the set up on all my bikes (road, gravel, cx), and generally I am quite comfortable with a mildly padded short (Ale, Hincappie Race etc) and a minimalist saddle (Selle Italia SLR, the super skinny bare bones model). But for longer (4 hr plus) gravel rides, I’m thinking something with a bit more padding might help dampen the vibration (we have a LOT of washboard sections in central Texas). Are there gravel specific shorts or shorts that tend to have a bit thicker chamois? I’m not looking for pillow/diaper density padding, just a bit thicker than normal. Suggestions?

Assos bibs tend to have a thicker chamois.

Thanks. I’ll check on those, but might be out of my price range :rofl:

I’ve never tried either of the brands you mentioned (Hincapie, Ale), but my Rapha and Assos bibs both have more padding than the more widely available store brands like Pearl Izumi and Castelli.

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If youre on a budget, the top tier Black Bibs are really great and less than 1/2 the price of most of the big name brand ones at $85

Le col Pro and Cors bibs are great and easy to find either on sale or $60 off with a strava code. Steer clear of the sport bibs for your needs, pretty meh chamois

Assos are awesome but $300 is a bit more than I want to spend on bibs

Pactimo Ascent Bibs (their lowest line) have a pretty dense and large chamois. Their next tier up (summit or raptor I think) also has a larger chamois but its a little softer while remaining thick. The fabric is nicer on the 2nd tier bibs.

Prologo NDR saddles (extra padding) or Brooks rubber saddle (extra flexible)

As for the shorts… most companies use about the same pad. The thickest pad out there is probably this one Long Distance Bib Shorts+ Mens | GOREWEAR and this is the cheapest (maybe best too) bib that can be found with that pad that I know of.

thanks. I’ve used Selle Italia for 35+ years. Nothing else I’ve tried works for me. Just want a little more padding in the shorts

Hadn’t heard of Pactimo. Will check them out. Thanks for the suggestion!