Bibs & Shorts Discussion 2023

Discussion of Bibs & Shorts for the current year. See some of the prior topics as needed for older info:

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Before recommending shorts, I’d say sunsetting the old threads might be good.

The quality of places changes so having a “2023 Shorts” thread would be easier to navigate than 5 years worth of reviews. Just my 2 pence worth of opinion.


Since you’re also UK based try Galibier.

I’ve got a speed suit, adventure lycra and normal shorts. All pretty comfortable and not eye wateringly expensive.

Their socks are pretty nice too!

I like LeCol’s pro bibs. They are a bit pricey but they often have sales and you can earn discounts through challenges on Strava.


+1 for Le Col bibs. Worth at least 10 watts on 3 hour Z2 trainer rides. :sunglasses:


I like these (for outdoor), and they don’t break the bank… (need to size up by 1.) One visual thing I like is I any colour of top/sock sort of goes with the rainbow on the leg.

I’ve got them in Navy also with no rainbow but had to get them from Italy. (and got stung with UK import tax)

For Indoor this year I’ve used Castelli Endurance 3 and they’ve been excellent. Not a big thick spongy pad but your arse doesn’t get grated.

Your question was very specific (shorts that fit like DHB, but higher quality and UK based). This is usually a good thing, but around here I’ve found that when I ask questions like that, everyone ignores the question and just names their favorite thing. Good luck!


I know they are expensive but for me, Santini unico bib shorts are the most comfortable garment I have ever worn in my life and I am not just referring to cycling clothing, it is so comfortable that I would like to use it to go to work and then as pajamas… You can see the quality of the materials and the confection .

The tight is very comfortable, firm but not too tight, the fabric is soft and you don’t feel seams. The C3 cushion seems bulky but when putting on the bibs it doesn’t feel that way and its comfort and padding are superior.

I fell in love.

I bought it from another dealer, not from the official website, since it was on sale there.

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I did exactly that, but because the thread was updated by @mcneese.chad to more general recommendations for 2023 :upside_down_face: .

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OT Mod thoughts: Finger print level unique questions are often destined to fall short around here. The probability of someone having or experiencing the exact use case in that level of question is lottery ticket level luck. Great when we get it, but not all that likely.

More open comments with IME, YMMV, etc. level of info is the most likely and often still beneficial. I know we’d all like our precise question or use case to be handled to a specific level, but we have to recognize the wider range of what is actually out there and work with that.

No harm in asking and we can still have that level of question can still exist within these “broad/general” topics. I and other TR reps group common discussion per Nate’s “Keep it tidy” forum guideline. Like so many things in this realm, when to split vs combine is not a clear and easy to judge line in all cases. We do our best, make mistakes along the way, and then try to fix them when they happen.


I get your point, but it creates a ton of work for the person asking the question to research whether the response was actually helpful to their question or just a random response. For example, if I post a picture of a chamois that I really like and ask if anyone knows of a brand that uses the same or similar, I can guarantee I’m going to get pointed to a bunch of bibs with a chamois nothing like the one I mentioned, but I don’t know that until I either find a picture on the internet (which is ridiculously hard to do, but that’s a different topic), or I buy the product only to find it’s nothing like what I was after.

That level of mistake or tangent happens all the time, even in the microscopic level topics that don’t get merged. I’ve seen unrelated or misinterpreted answers in those hype specific topics as well as these broader ones. Maybe the likelihood decreases, but it’s sure not a way to eliminate less than helpful comments entirely.

As I said, doing my best here. Some stuff gets merged, some get left solo. I request forum feedback at times (as I did here and other related posts lately) and act on my on others. Again, good sometimes while a mistake others.

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For clarity, I wasn’t criticizing you for merging/closing topics, and never even implied that. I do apologize if I somehow gave you that impression. I think you know how much I respect and appreciate you! :pray:

I was just sharing my experience trying to get answers to very specific questions with the OP.


As covered above, this thread will be open as a continued discussion on the topic.


Great thread (Thanks @mcneese.chad) - leave it open!

So far for me the winner so far has been The Black Bibs, and most Recently RedWhite, but I also haven’t found the perfect saddle yet so still trying to find a combo that solves the “4 hours on the trainer comfortable without my ass hurting” issue. I think that’s saddle related right now though.

For short trainer rides (60 min), I bought about 5 pairs of these from Amazon, cheap, throw them in the wash and dryer, don’t care about them, have leg pockets for carrying stuff up and downstairs. Great for what they are, but really never get used on a “Real” ride.


I do prefer Le Col bibs these days. They are my go to now.

Le Col are good bibs…if you buy them on sale.

They are definitely not of comparable quality to other bibs at the normal retail price. But combine a sale with a Strava discount, and you can get some very good bibs at very reasonable prices. I got a pair of the Pro bibs for ~$105, IIRC.


I like le col and you can generally get them at a decent price either through sale or discounts from Strava challenges or being in the lecol_cc.

Current favorite is Rapha. REI carries them and you can get 20% discount during memorial day or labor day sale…making them around $90 which isn’t bad. The Rapha brevets are great but are pricier even on sale (at $150 or so).

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This past winter I did some wardrobe upgrading. Historically I have ridden whatever my team was providing (Pactimo, Hincapie, Starlight (the black bibs), Pearl Izumi, etc.)

By far the best bibs I have owned in a long time are Endura’s Pro SL Bibs. The ones with the gimmicky sounding “select your chamois width”. They were on a huge discount on Wiggle so I took a chance to order a couple of pairs. Big fan.

I had almost sunk all that money into Rapha bibs. I own one pair of their Pro Training Bibs, but recently realized on trainer rides I dislike the thickness of the chamois. It’s simply too bulky. The Endura chamois in terms of thickness is more similar to Starlight’s stuff. But, it has this tapering effect as it goes from front to back.

So, my 2023 bib revolution is the Endura Pro SL Bibs. It seems like the reviews are mostly positive but a little hit or miss. But, I think definitely worth a try. Just go on their website first and use the saddle match thing to make sure you get the proper size chamois.


Question about Assos bibs. For their endurance line they have at least four models (GT, GTS, GTO, and last year’s model). Ranging from below $150 to $350.

When posters comment in other threads that Assos is the best, which one are you referring to? High-end? Anyone of them?

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