Your best bib short recommendations - 2018-2022ish

With the end of a season comes time to retire bibs. Looking to try something new this season. Don’t want to spend a ton though as I think price is not an indicator of comfort in bib shorts—especially considering they all use chamois from 2 major companies. An example is anything from Pearl Izumi (terrible chamois) vs The Black Bibs (awesome).

Me, I spent the last 12 months wear two kinds of bibs from Wiggle/Chain Reaction house brand, DHB. The DHB Classic and the DHB Aeron. Both are sub-$100, and feature chamois from Elastic Interface. I thought they were excellent for the money, but started to lead to saddle sores and chafing after about 14 months of use split between indoor training last winter and a full season of riding…both lasted around 4,000 mi between the two of them.

I want a high compression race-fit bib that can accommodate 4+ hour rides. What do you recommend?


Personally, I love the brand you’re currently wearing. Fit me perfectly, value for money and I think they’re pretty hard wearing.

If I’m treating myself and there’s a sale on, I buy Rapha. So comfortable and I’ve used their crash protection policy to get a pair repaired. Must say that I’m not sure if they still offer that policy thought.

My team bibs are Bioracer and they’re good to, in my opinion.

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They do


7Mesh MKII short. My favorite.

I also really like Rapha

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Man, I have twice now almost pulled the trigger on the 7Mesh’s. Glad to hear them recommended. Have always heard good things about Rapha.

DHB is hard to beat at that price—impossible? I have been wearing a pair of $40 bibs from and am impressed. They lack leg grippers which only renders them useless when leg/knee warmers are needed, but for a warm weather bib they have been excellent. They would make a perfect trainer bib.


You know what, I tend to use my more expensive bibs on the trainer, due to lack of necessity to get out of the saddle. The quality pad in the latest Rapha bibs means I rarely suffer discomfort.


I enjoy Castelli stuff


Rapha is the way to go in my opinion. I wear them on MTB, road, CX and indoor rides, never had any issues. La Passione will be cheaper but are not as good.


Primal Wear helix or qx5 bibs. Very comfy.

Assos T.equipe race bibs are just over $100 from :+1:


I don’t understand why people buy Bibs. I have been wearing regular bike shorts since I started cycling in 2013. Works great and cheaper. Are there any major benefits that I am missing?

I used to wear shorts too, but I now exclusively wear bibs because they prevent the shorts from sliding down / moving around which can cause chafing. They essentially lock the chamois in place


MAAP, Casp, WattieInk, Oakley, Ryzon

All on the expensive side but great quality



I feel like the quest for the best bib shorts never truly ends. That said, I have found Rapha, ORNOT, and Sugoi to work great for me. Cuore are nice as well although the chamois is quite a bit bulkier on the two pairs I own.

Really dislike Castelli & Voler.


BTW – I just got the Velocio shorts designed for indoor riding… I know, I know… but I really struggle with under-carriages issues (soreness, chafing, numbness) on the indoor trainer that I don’t have to deal with while riding outdoors.

Anyway, the quality of the Velocio shorts is incredibly impressive. I’m thinking of getting a full set of bibs based on my initial ride on the indoor shorts.


Love my Rapha stuff. Archive sale on their website is a good place to pickup stuff and also when they do their sales.

I’ve got a mix of Rapha and Verge Coustom kits, both are great.
nice mix of compression on the legs and more importantly the same length so not to mess with my “lines”

My favourite shorts where the Assos bibs I had years ago… they where really comfy.

Sportful are the best!