Assos bibs sizing advice

I just received my first pair of Assos bibs in the mail. They are the T.Mille bibs in size XL. I ordered based on the Assos size guide and all my measurements were middle of the range for the XL size, even though my other bibs are all size large. Overall the bibs just feel a little more snug than I’m used too, maybe it’s that they are higher quality than my two pairs of The Black Bibs and a cheap pair of Louis Garneau bibs. The straps feel a little short when standing but understand they are designed to fit correctly when in bent over riding position. They are also much snugger in the thighs than I’m used too, not uncomfortable, just not what I’m used too. I do have larger than average thighs and am wondering if I should upsize to the XXL size. Typically when I find pants that fit my waist they are snug-ish in the butt and thighs and I have to up size the waist the get a fit I like in the thighs / butt.

I just went through this with similar results with Equipe EVO bibs in XL. Assos bibs seem to have more compression than other shorts so I think it’s normal. Instead of returning them I just decided to ride them and I’ve been enjoying them. After a few rides they won’t feel so tight. I’m finding the straps to be the most comfortable of any bibs I’ve had. They definitely loosen up in the bent over road position.

I later tried on some Mille shorts in XXL and they were too big for me so I’m glad I stuck with XL.

Assos definitely more compressive than most brands. Once you are used to it hard to go back.

Got out for a ride in the new Assos bibs last night. XL is defiantly the right size, and these bibs are much more comfortable than any of my cheap bargain bibs. My only small issue is that the straps are a tad short, but that’d something that can easily be altered.

I have about 10 pairs of the assos shorts. The extra compression helps with muscle fatigue. I have always had to size up. Its my legs, just big. Even as you say size up and the straps are a bit short. They are stretchy a bit after a few washes.