Warmest bib tights recommendations

Looking for some deep winter bib tights with chamois, preferably something I can get on sale for <$200. Current stable is Garneau Course Elite (my warmest), Castelli Nanoflex (in the middle) and DHB (lightest) of some sort, probably one of the cheaper options.

Main use is for winter commute to work (lycra commuter), would like to avoid wearing a layer of pants over my bib tights.
Temp target is 0 to -5 celsius with wind chill that gets down to ~ -10. Currently, that temp seems to be around the limit of what my hands can handle with a pogie and glove combo that is reasonable for me. In this temp range though I find my crotch and hips are still getting cold, can add leg warmers under my bibtights but doesn’t help for the pelvis.
If its really cold or raining I just drive but would like to maximize my commuting without going full snowsuit 45NRTH fat biker look.
I’ve seen discussions of windstopper briefs for this but would also like to avoid this just trying to add a 4th bibtight that will be appropriate for the coldest temps.

See there is a similar thread from last year that mainly recommended Rapha, Assos and Galibier (all sold out), so looking for other options, especially if on sale right now.

Would just grab the Castelli Polare but haven’t seen it in that price range, similarly stuff from Assos and Rapha (deep winter) would likely be appropriate but not available for <$200 at present.

Worst comes to worst, I will probably wait for boxing day sales and re-assess the sales then and maybe buy one of the gucci options that are >$250.

The veloicio zero tights are pretty dang warm, although a bit out of your price range

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Pas Normal has deep winter bib tights on sale for half off.

I’ve had great experience with these from PI, pretty easy to get them 25% off usually.

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I like the Santni kit but they’re not worn in temperatures quite as low as they don’t grit the roads enough here for safe sub zero commuting.

I like the Bioracer tempest stuff. I don’t have the bib tights, but usually ride in their tempest shorts in those temperatures. They had them (the tights) on sale for under 70 Euros a few days ago.

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You’re a hard man/woman, riding in shorts <0 celsius. I stop going bare legs around the 10 celsius range.

I have the Pearl Izumi amfib tights and they’re not super warm, below 30°F and they’re not warm enough. I have some older Pearl Izumi bibs that are no longer made that are much warmer and keep me warm to -10°F since the full legs have wind blocking material front and back

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Pants all the way. The MTB ones aren’t as baggy as they look. You don’t want that wind next to skin. Maybe cut the bum out of some polartec grid or similar insulated bottoms if the thermal bibs aren’t cutting it as a base.

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I grabbed a pair, but today was rainy so I’ll try them tomorrow
By feel they seem warmer then an Assos RS Winter tight
Assos has also the Ultraz ones
Another option is winter bibshorts over winter tights without pad

Rapha pro team winter or castelli sorpaso wind block bibs are great

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guess that’s proof that ‘warm’ is individual. I’ve worn them in the high teens (~-7C) and was plenty comfortable. Need to make sure they aren’t the AmFib Lite’s though! Those are good down to about freezing for me.

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Oh you’re right, mine are Amfig Lite :person_facepalming:

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PI didn’t help here. They used to have the heavier ones(like what you were commenting about) then the AmFib’s. Now the AmFib’s are more like the older heavy weight bibs, and the AmFib Lite’s are more like the older AmFib’s :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I have both the heavyweight AmFib and the Castelli Polare. Both are very very warm. Like don’t wear unless it is under 20F warm.


This is what I’m looking for, not really a pair that will be versatile for a lot of temps or racing cross or whatever but rather something that will help me push the limits into coldest territory I can without going for the fat biker (non-lycra) look with full on snow pants, winter coat, ski helmet and goggles.

The average high/low in my city in Jan and Feb is -1 C/ -11 C and there is always some amount of wind for windchill on top of this, so want some bibs that will help me get out more in this period.

Not commuting right now because its pitch dark before I leave the office but plan to start commuting again in mid Jan as conditions allow once the sun is setting during my commute rather than before I leave.

Assos has a number of models and are pricey, especially at regular price, but they are comfortable, functional, and quite warm. On really cold or very wet days you can also pull the Asso Rain Shell over them. Gore also makes a cycling shell pant that can be pulled over any brand of tights.