Inspired and grateful - give a little back

I have been a TR user since Jan ‘20 and can’t believe the depth/breadth and quantity of info to improve your cycling and fitness. I have not found a coaching and structured plan option covering Fuel, Form and Fitness for the cost of a venti Americano and a banana a wk.

I was also blown away by Nate’s podcast this week. He took a big risk simply by standing up for what he believes in.

I know the last few months have been challenging for many and I want to help someone who may not have discretionary funds to subscribe right now. I am able to get two, one year subscriptions at the moment. Not quite sure the best way to actually make this happen (email exchange?} - I am actually a tech newbie (first post to anything ever)…anyway, if you know someone who could use a little support let me know.


That in itself is an inspiring and generous gesture - well done :+1: