Gratitude for Podcast

I have really mixed emotions about the podcast lately.

I feel immense gratitude and have taken copious notes as the coaches take on all of the taboo topics of most interest to me. I also feel equal disappointment when the coaches seem to brace themselves for the comments “they are about to receive.” I race cross and understand jest/heckling that is part of the sport but my EQ sensors are getting tripped a lot lately and I wonder if we appreciate our coaches and podcast enough.

I came to TR through the podcast and it has changed and continues to change the way I train. My biggest takeaway is Nate’s carb loading throughout the day (same weight, better workouts) and Chad’s frame of responsive training. I consider the podcast the best two hours of the week (for free).

I hope everyone can find something they are grateful for over the last month. What do you have learned and what are you thankful for?

I would like to think we are all coachable.



Everyone is going to have critics, especially towards the ones that have the courage to put themselves out there in front of a lot of people. I appreciate the podcast and the product as a whole. Here are just a few things that I appreciate and learn from each person…

Nate: fueling, trial and error approach, experimentation, represents the view of the average listener

Chad: science, physiology, training ideas, body adaptations

Amber: psychological, emotional, mental, pro experience

Johnathan: facilitation, podcast management/flow, MTB mindset

Alex, Ivy, Pete: varied experiences and application, different points of view, new ideas that change/challenge the message


Since joining the forum I have started to feel really bad for all the hosts, especially Nate and Jonathan. People on here are really ridiculous and rude to them. Definitely goes beyond constructive criticism.

This might say something sad about me, but listening to the podcast while I spin away on the trainer is often one of the more pleasant parts of my week and something that I really look forward to. I think it’s great to take this time to give some gratitude.

The focus on mental health and positive self-talk has been really helpful in many aspects of my life lately, far beyond cycling.


I haven’t seen anyone really attacking the podcast hosts directly (except that one turd who got into it with Nate in the Kolie Moore thread), and while I do appreciate them and what they do, their ideas are not immune to criticism and their words are not indisputable gospel. Bracing themselves for the comments they are about to receive is probably said in jest, when they are making points they know will start a discussion or maybe aren’t widely accepted (not that they are wrong)

This thread feels like it’s trying to protect people who aren’t actually victims. I’m sure the hosts prefer their ideas to be discussed and understood instead of having a forum that asks “how high” if they tell them to jump


I am also grateful to the loads of insights and food for thoughts all of us get from the podcast, all articles on the website or here in the forum.
I’d use the podcast more often if it were not so super long. It is just too long to really listen to it from start to end.

Lol if you are talking about the exchange from a couple months ago about TTE vs FTP then that was Kolie Moore himself.

Lol yep figured so but I didn’t want to name any turds specifically

Let’s be critical and grateful all at once.

My biggest take away from the podcast has been the importance of fueling and recovery. Such broad topics but I really appreciate the way it get distilled.

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But I agree. They are not the 100% authority on training and they will get things wrong or say things that are opinion supported by fact but may not be the only way to do things and others disagree or they may just misspeak and not do a great job and expressing their ideas. I’ve only ever seen a couple criticisms that were maybe more personal or unwarranted but everyone is able to have their own opinions about the podcast and should be able to express them. Some people may not like the deep dives or the personal anecdotes and want it to be all Q&A. But just because they express the view doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate the podcast.


All fair critique. The coaches do make themselves vulnerable (not “victims,” different words with different meanings), which is putting themselves out there as you mention for the sake of discussion. For all the “yeah, buts…” that we normally provide, the post is intended to get some “yes, ands this worked for me.” Grateful for the resource and “yes, buts…” as well ;-).

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I appreciate the fact that we have the podcast, though I only listen to certain bits and pieces as the science/technicalities behind this stuff generally bores the crap out of me, I just enjoy the training program because I know it works but I’m not so concerned with the why (just like I like apples but don’t care to learn about how they grow and what makes one crisper than another).

I also appreciate that the podcast makes even the duller topics more interesting for the layman, and the hosts are well spoken without the condescending attitudes of some forum members

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That’s a bit harsh isn’t it? Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they just have a difference of opinion on FTP/TTE, if so, it hardly makes the guy a turd.

It’s not his opinions that made him a turd, I’d never fault someone for that, rather it was his extremely defensive and simultaneously offensive attitude


This is exactly why I said people cross a line, going beyond constructive criticism and beneficial dialogue around getting faster to just being rude. It’s not that the hosts are infallible, it’s that people talk at them and about them in offensive ways.

To some extent I have an overly soft spot for that sort of communication. A lingering effect of working in food service for many years. There are some people on here who have never worked in the service industry and it really shows.


I have been a TR user since before the podcast started and listened to the podcast since its inception. Obviously I find great value in both because I am still here.
I wish people would remember to differentiate between the idea and the opinion and the person. It is ok to disagree with their ideas and opinions (and at times i do) and express that without attacking them as people.
I think Nate especially very gracious in the way he ignores the personal criticism and trys to learn from the different ideas.
I think people at times become so wrapped up in their beliefs that anyone who disagrees with those beliefs is not just disagreeing with them, but attacking who they are. This does not excuse their behaviour but may help explain it so we don’t react in the same way.
But it must get wearing after a while which is why we hear them so often bracing for the reaction they no is coming.
Anyway for my part I hope they keep going and keep finding ways to update and adapt the podcast so it remains high on my list of weekend listens.


I too am a big but hitherto silent fan of the podcast. It’s been a great source of education, inspiration and entertainment for me. Everyone brings something different and cool. So my huge thanks to all the team! I also really like that TR has chunked up some smaller segments on YouTube.


I tried to listen to this podcast but the thing is just unbearably bad. Prolly good 3 minutes per hour of content. The amount of repetition, bad jokes, advertising, self referential bs…Uncanny that folks here seem to like it. It must be the self help-ey style.


What are some podcasts you do enjoy? Anything you do like about the podcast?

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Cycling related there isn’t one consistently good. Rather select interviews and topics from: Empirical Cycling, Fast Talk, Marginal Gains. Health in general, P.Attia’s The Drive is consistently good.

Spot on.
I really like to see their characters develop as well. Pete’s confidence has really grown recently and we can always rely on him for a one liner that makes me chuckle. Alex is soooo smart and has that same self effacing humour as Pete, that I anticipate a double act emerging.
So I guess I don’t just use the podcast as a source of information. I enjoy what they bring as people and am invested in their well-being…and despite the fact that it is a business …I believe that’s what they offer the listener.