Appreciation for Podcast - Especially Nate!

BLUF: Keep the forum positive. The podcast is a fantastic resource for most everyone. We all prefer one of the hosts but I especially appreciate Nate’s humility, honesty, excitement, and general entertainment!!

I was bummed to look at the forum for the first time in a month to see a negative post about Nate. The OP said it wasn’t meant as an attack and I believe him. But it’s a good reminder that you have to be careful in what you’re posting out there in the interwebs as context is more often lost than not.

I have stayed away from the forum this long because of a couple of other negative threads I had stumbled into and wanted to stress to others that this is a place to learn! Also, how many of us have read “how bad do you want it?” Remember that negative thoughts are pervasive and this alone can impact your performance! :no_good_woman::frowning_face::thought_balloon:

Everyone that I talk to about the podcast has a different favorite host and it often changes. It’s really going to depend on the type of rider and person you are. Chad and Johnathan are both incredibly knowledgeable and wicked good athletes (I’m making my way through Chad’s reading list!). But I personally prefer Nate’s slightly dorky style (slightly is being nice…). He was critiqued on his questions being too specific to his height but I’m a 5’5" woman and learn something. I take Nate’s questions as a way to get at the same type of topics differently. After almost 200 episodes, they have to keep it changing a bit. Also, I can’t think of a single cyclist with that kind of humility! Keep telling those stories and asking those questions, @Nate_Pearson. You’ve made a ton of us a better cyclist and most importantly, you’re making cycling approachable for those that are intimidated.

PS - Since I should ask a question… We’ve heard about Nate’s approach to eating (all things carbs) and I’ve heard Chad kind of chuckle at it, what’s Chad’s approach to daily nutrition?


I believe Chads daily nutrition intake is IPA’s :wink:


3 square meals a day. :beers:


Guinness. One of the first meal replacement drinks created. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I want that training diet now, please. Double my subs…no, tripel it!

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Agreed! I was so surprised to hear what a very good rider he is because of how humble he comes across.

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Im going to chime in on this one too, I thoroughly enjoy the podcast, and I think the real basis of that satisfaction is the variety of personalities they have when they speak, and their back and forth. I would say that Jonathan and Nate are both very humble despite their obvious prowess and history of success (podium at nationals much?) and Chad’s curmudgeon persona is perfect for a coach with his level of expertise. I can’t imagine the number of times he’s given someone a roadmap for success only to have them ignore him and then come back and complain that it didn’t work.

Their dynamic is perfect. And I’m no fan boy, I’m very critical of podcasts especially, because literally anyone can publish their thoughts, and lets be honest, most of them aren’t worth your time. There are some very famous people who have podcasts that I don’t care for, they are too niche, or too personal, or too opinionated. I gave Sonya Looney a shot, The Cycling News Podcast, the Rapha podcast (better than I expected) but I don’t listen to any of those on the reg. I do like Lance’s various podcasts, but not all of them, and several times I’ve turned them off. I’ve never turned off an episode of Ask a Cycling Coach, in fact, I’ve even sat in my driveway to listen out the last few minutes, more than a few times.


Nice post, and I agree - Nate comes across as the type of engaged CEO any small business should wish they have or strive to be. Even the ‘negative’ posts about disliking updates or a product feature, or whatever…you can tell he listens with the intent to understand fully.
I find his candor on the podcast refreshing, his questions engaging (often entertaining), and rarely find anything so centered around himself that no one gets any benefit - even when they start with “what should I do when…”.


Excellent post! I chimed in on that other post with similar praise for Nate. I’m a 5’4" woman…so I wonder if somehow his behavior is appealing to shorter/medium-ish height women :joy:


Great topic! I guess some people get frustrated and need an outlet. But i learn something from every podcast!

Chad said in one podcast that he just isnt as vocal about his personal nutitional choices.


Very good post, thank you.

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Yes! I love the podcast. I subscribe to about 50+ podcasts (yes, I know) but many of them I only listen occasionally. The TR cast is always at the top of the list.

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Thank you for this thread, I wholeheartedly agree with you, the podcast is part of my weekly treats that I always look forward to and very much enjoy. Nate, Chad and Jonathan work great off of each other and Nate’s (intentional) goofiness is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much for your work and keep it coming please!


Yep, one of the highlights of the week for me. As an Englishman I find the enthusiasm for the subject infectious which in turn keeps me going with the plans, the accents help too.


The podcast is really good, though I’m wondering why they didn’t release an episode the past week. Hoping TR podcast will return next week

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Cycling (road cycling especially) has such a bad stereotype of stuck up athletes. Nate’s willingness to admit weaknesses and work on problems out in the open is very refreshing!


Because the guys were preparing for the 24 hour race that is happening right now.

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Ah I see. Must’ve missed that as I’ve been working my way through older episodes of TR podcast


Wow, thanks so much for posting this because I felt the EXACT same way. Honestly, it really bothered me reading that other post and it made me feel sad. I absolutely love Nate’s contribution to the podcast because even though I am a 5’2" female, I relate to SO many of the questions that Nate asks. I feel like Nate is one of us “mortals” compared to the other two and I’ve always been so impressed that he asks the questions that he does. I’ve always admired that he wasn’t scared to ask for help because all he wants to do is improve, which does help all of us listening as well.

I was worried I was alone here, but now I am seeing that Nate has a following of short/medium height women, haha. Ok maybe this is getting weird.


Agreed, @Nate_Pearson is great and TrainerRoad has gotten as far as it has because he is an extremely passionate and engaged CEO that talks to users frequently. We have a great community here now as well because he was a regular Reddit user and wanted to have a place for us to all discuss all things cycling.

Also, Happy Birthday! (assuming the Cake on your profile is accurate)