A flaw in the TrainerRoad business model? ;)

So…like many of you I’ve seen the three referrals in my account that allow me to “gift” TrainerRoad for 3 free months to friends, etc.

However, the only people I know who I would potentially gift TR to are cyclists i ride with. And they are also cyclists I want to ride off my wheel. There is no way I want them to be using TrainerRoad…this would make it less likely that all my hard work would pay off by being able to kick their ass :wink:

I’m the type that hides every TR workout I do on Strava…because, come springtime, I want to be able to unleash holy hell on them and have every single one of them scratching their heads. I mean, I didn’t just sacrifice myself on the altar of 'Palisade" today in the name athletic equality. I busted a lung because I want to drop these fools…and I want to drop them aggressively.

I’m an annual subscriber who never pauses my subscription during the summer and a satisfied customer. @Nate_Pearson raise my monthly fee if you must, but I’m not referring my competition.

They can figure it out themselves :fu: :grinning:

I kid, I kid. But also…I’m kinda not kidding either.


Hopefully you have some friends in different categories, age groups or countries that you can refer :slight_smile:.



(or is it Bahumbuga? :thinking:)

Agreed, although i leave them on my strava so they at least have some chance to see what im doing. because i know most people either just ride zwift for fun here or there, or dont ride trainer at all. so even if they know what im doing they still have to have the mental fortitude to stick to it all winter, and thats the hardest part.


I’m not going to let you guilt me into this, man – but I’ll make a commitment to you…

When I ride off the front next summer and they ask me what I’ve been up to, I will tell them I spent all winter on TR.

That’s the best I can do. I need one season of satisfaction :wink:

(I barely have any friends at all…shocker :wink: … so other countries and age groups are a challenge for me. I did send a note to Peter Sagan’s coach, who trains him only by HR, to suggest that maybe TR would help his cause in Yorkshire 2019…no response yet)


I too did palisade today. It hurt me.

Ironically I was having the same problem after the ride thinking who I could gift the free months and I wouldn’t have to ride against later. :joy_cat:


Obviously, @Nate_Pearson hadn’t considered electronic sandbagging when he came up with the business model. :rofl:


I know OP has his tongue in his cheek a little but I would offer it ( and have) to my closest rival, if he beats me, and he usually does then well done to him. I think there can be too much negative connotations if you focus on comparison with others. That’s why I love IF. Regardless of how well I did that number tells me roughly if I gave my best


I’ll start giving away my referrals if you tone down the stupid big red number…



I handed out a one referral, the guy started training like there was no tomorrow. He has become a beast on his bike…never again i will make that mistake :wink:

I must say that i also hide all my TR workouts on strava.

anyway I love TR…keep up to good work !!!


I’ve actually started keeping my TR workouts off of Strava recently, as a ‘trick up my sleeve’ kind of thing. Plus the people I know who are serious about training and maybe could try TR are also exactly the people I’m trying very hard to beat. Just need some more spread out friends to recommend it to :).

So I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to TrainerRoad for not referring my rivals to TrainerRoad at this point.

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Lol, great thread and I agree. My competition posted his ramp test and I used that as a huge motivator to beat. Had my best FTP test yet! Why would I want to provide that for someone else to use. TR is horrible, I would use Zwift instead (insert evil genius laugh).

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I have given away my referrals like candy, I am not sure if they have signed up or not. I have a few that wish I hadn’t given out, they didn’t use them. Why ask for it if they don’t intend to use it. Lame. I also ride TR with my bestie, if she doesn’t get stronger then I tried. We ride together and race occasionally, so its fun to see who trained harder. Friendly competition and for the love of riding together, we don’t slow each other down.

Give them to the opposite gender. No harm in getting beat by a girl that you helped get stronger.


I keep asking my wife if she’d like to try out TR . . . and every time I do, she asks me if I think she’s fat.

So that strategy backfired for the most part :wink:


Is she a cyclist with a passion or a rider that likes to ride outside on nice weather days… Besides, spouses aren’t the easiest to encourage to get stronger, leaner and faster… Its sad, but I teach women skills on the bike all the time, I usually get from the husband/partner that she wouldn’t do that when he told her too.

Nah…she’s not into cycling like me, although she loves to ride. She’s an avid runner. She doesn’t need to get in any better shape and she knows it :slight_smile:

Every time the weather sucks and she doesn’t want to go outside to run, I offer to hook her bike up to the trainer instead . . . then she goes and runs in the rain/snow :wink:


But don’t refer my competition either!

I recommend TrainerRoad to almost everyone (except the least ambitious cyclists). It’s like recommending good sleep, healthy food habits or a lot of hard and disciplined work - it’s not a secret, a shortcut or cheating in any way. There are reasons why not everyone is fit, and not knowing about TrainerRoad is maybe the smallest of them.


Indeed. The big red number, which is always on, is very annoying. When I logged in I initially thought there‘s something really important going on in my account. :man_facepalming: Would be great if this could be turned off.


Palisade for me today, hurt like hell :joy:. Two weeks till my annual Mary Austin fail…
On the topic of Strava, I love how full my feed is of friends using TrainerRoad!