Input fun weekend marathon rides as "c" rides on plan builder?

Hey there! Thanks in advance for joining in on this conversation.

I’m re-doing my plan builder as I’ve been learning about what kinds of plans may be more appropriate for my A race in October. (360 mile bikepacking race, currently set up as a cross country marathon stage race, each stage 16 hours. The hours and stages may shift as I get closer depending on what I discover what my body can handle)

Equally important as training, my plan to keep my love of riding alive is by doing 3 hour outdoor group rides on Wednesdays, and 5-10 hour rides on Saturdays, with a variable mix of fun trail riding whenever I can find time/energy. Those big weekend rides seem like quite a bit of additional training stress, so I’m opting for a low volume plan, but I’m wondering if there’s a go-to way for inputting marathon rides to ensure you’re keeping your training stress at an appropriate level.

Should planned marathon rides be input in advance as a C race or input after the fact by using strava/garmin/etc to track data. Does inputting the ride in advance modify the training plan to keep TSS lower?

Thanks again and looking forward to hearing y’alls input!

C races do not affect the plan as far as I know. There really is no point to input it as a C race. I would just do low volume and make the Sat workout be the long ride.

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