Plan Builder when you are not a "racer"

I would not consider myself a “racer”, but as someone looking to build my fitness. I do like to sign up for large ride events, I guess a “Gran Fondo”, throughout the year. Otherwise, I like to do longer/group rides on the weekend and during the week I fill in time with Zwift or shorter rides outside.

I have an event I want to get stronger for on 4/18 - 64mi/100km ride. Should I use plan builder and set it as my “A race - Gran Fondo”? For weekend group rides, are those “C races”?

Or should I just do the 6 week SSB Low Volume plan and not use the plan builder?

I just don’t consider myself a “racer”, so seeing race specific terminology makes me feel unsure how to proceed.

Thanks for any guidance!

started replying…saw Bryce typing…stopped replying :smiley: :innocent:


This is a perfect approach :+1:.

The terminology “A Race” simply means that it is your top priority event for the season. Racer or not, we all want to get faster, so taking the Plan Builder appraoch will set you to optimize your performance in your target event :slight_smile: .

Good luck!

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Thanks! I went ahead and set it up that way. Still picked Low Volume Sweet Spot Base but subed in that ride for Saturday and gave the other days right before a lower intensity. Nice!

It had than plan also include the second part of the SSB, and I am on vacation for part of that. Do I just delete my workouts for certain days?

In the case of vacation, refer to this advice I pulled in from another thread:

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