Injury while MTBing... Need Advice

Hi Team,

I have been doing Sweet Spot Base HV and had a hard get off last weekend on the MTB. No concussion or any broken bones but my muscles in my back were sore enough for me to take 5 days off the bike. I managed to do and complete my 2 weekend workouts which were 2 hours each.

So hear comes my question. I have the rest week coming up this week. I was thinking of doing 2 of the harder workouts I missed on Tuesday and Wednesday then doing the rest as recovery week.

I also have our first road race on Sunday which I was thinking of just sitting in considering I am on my rest week and really this is just a C race.

What are everyone’s thoughts?

I’d listen to your body and not force yourself to train if you don’t want to. You’ll know when you’re ready again. However sounds like you’re back in the game so I’d probably do a couple of hard workouts this week, nicely spaced to allow your recovery to continue. As for your Sunday race, I say just smash it! That’s what racing is for, fill your boots!

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