Feeling wrecked during recovery week. Should I take more easy time?

So, tomorrow is my last scheduled workout for Sweet Spot Base I, Mid and my legs feel totally smashed. I honestly feel much worse form wise than this time last week even though the efforts were much tougher.

Is this normal? Should I take more easy riding time before starting the building phase?

Thanks for the feedback!

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SSBI probably should not make you feel wrecked. There are some legit workouts there, but for the most part it’s designed to give you a taste of the more intense later phases and build up a base to make those more achievable. However it should not by itself wreck you. I might suggest the Mid Volume may be too much training stress for you right now. Perhaps dial it back by skipping a workout or two per week until you feel better with that level of stress. You can also switch to LV and add some additional work by adding some Z2 work in between the scheduled workouts…


If in doubt, definitely throw in another rest week. Like @russell.r.sage said, you could very well be overreaching so the recovery takes longer if you’re not used to the volume.

Similar thing happened to me two or three weeks back: Failed Recovery Week, add Another?

Adding that extra easy week (and actually making sure it was properly easy) made a world of difference - I felt fresh and ready, even added another few W in my ramp test from a week earlier.

The last two training blocks I’ve done, I have felt completely knackered for the whole week (but managed the workouts quite fine). However, I do Monday weds and fri workouts, and the first Monday of the next block, or the upcoming race, I felt great and put out decent performances.
Just keep that rest week easy and if the first one back isn’t great then bin it off for another day or so

Personally I felt destroyed as well during the last 2 regular weeks of ss mv ph1 (tired en
hungry) and didnt feel fresh at the end of recovery. Legs felt tired and rusty during first few workouts of phase 2 but just continued and towards the end of the first week I felt fully recovered again (what you need because weekend workouts of first week are brutal).

@Hosant depending on how you overreached and your experience one to two weeks is normal to recover from a “hard” block. What’s important is to know when you are recovered so you can start the next block. I know I’m recovered several ways: power is “good”, speed is “good” and legs feel “good”.

I often feel pretty sluggish during the recovery week after a hard block (although usually SSB2 or SPB) - as Chad points out early in the recovery week your legs won’t feel great and your are still doing workouts at 60-70% FTP. That said every time I have done it magically - well ok not magic ….I have started feeling good on Fri/Sat and by Sunday I am raring to go with a day off Monday ready to smash the ramp test Tuesday or start racing (remember that?) - so if you are NOT feeling like that then yes an extra recovery week is in order until you do - may not take the whole week. TBH though it shouldn’t take more than a week to recover from SSBMV1 so maybe something else is amiss? - get a blood test if that’s possible - not all issues are bike related. Good luck :smiley:

Just an update:

By Saturday I was feeling much better. I did a very light ride on Sunday around the city and a 10k steps walk on Monday. Today it was FTP test date and did the 20min version. My Ftp increased by 8w! Is that low, normal or high ftp increase after base?

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